Try These Stylish Undercut Fade Haircuts To Be Noticed In 2020

Whether you’re looking for hairstyles for men or boys, you have plenty of latest hairstyles and trends available. New styles keep coming in and all you have to do is to follow a reliable resource or a popular fashion magazine to stay on top of the latest fashion trends. One hairstyle trend, however, that never seems to go out of style is undercut fade.

It’s a so versatile hairstyle option that it can be paired with just about any hairdo and hair type. You can get as creative as you might like to style your hair with a beautiful undercut fade and the options are literally endless. So, let’s check out some of the popular hairstyle options that can be styled with a beautiful undercut or a nice fade or even feature both in one way or another.

1. Long On Top With Undercut


Source: Fadesbyash

This really is a unique hairstyle option for men and creates a perfectly casual look. The hairstyle features long hair on top and the length is kept enough to sweep it nicely all the way back. The combover look at the front makes it even better.

2. Side Swept Wavy Top With Undercut


Source: Javondeon

This one features a clean and disconnected undercut while the top is kept nicely side swept and wavy. The look is quite unique but it really looks amazing overall. Styling isn’t too hard either as you just need to run your fingers through and you’ll be ready to go.

3. Slicked Back Tail With Disconnected Undercut


Source: Ayman73thebarber

If you have always adored the slicked back hairstyles and want something that can be styled with an undercut fade, this is the look to go with. The hairstyle features long hair on top that is slicked back and forms sort of a tail just around the crown. The disconnected undercut completes the look to perfection.

4. Long Side Swept Hair With Disconnected Undercut



If you love to have some volume on top, this is the look you should go with. The hairstyle is formal but gets a casual vibe with that beautiful undercut that is disconnected from the top. The hair has enough length to cover half the sides and looks just perfect overall.

5. Long Comb Over With High Fade


Source: Mistresshair242

This is a beautiful look given to the combover hairstyle. The hair at the front is kept puffy while it slants downwards going towards the back. The sides get a beautiful high fade to create a perfect vibe. Overall, it looks gorgeous.

6. Combed Back Hairstyle With Undercut



This is another cool undercut fade hairstyle that has an amazing vibe to it. The hairstyle features long hair on top that is all swept back nicely to create a combed back look. Combine it with a faded undercut and you really have something perfect to flaunt. The hairstyle is complimented nicely with a short goatee style.

7. Long Side Swept Fringe With Disconnected Undercut


Source: Littleleeshh

An extravagant fringe that falls over the head looks cool always and this one is a perfect example here. The hairstyle features long hair on top that gets a nice side swept look. It’s voluminous and it looks great. The sides are kept looking great with a beautiful Charming Hairstyle

8. Curly Textured Top With Faded Sides And Back


Source: Stephaniekhollis

For curly hair, this textured look is what everyone would love to flaunt. The hairstyle boasts of a wonderful voluminous curly top and a nice and cool undercut with faded sides and back. Overall, it’s a clean look and works wonders for young guys.

9. Spikes With Disconnected Undercut


Source: Kylothebarber

Spikes hairstyles are always amazing and this one is no different. The hairstyle features a beautiful, casual spiky look that needs lots of styling product to be achieved. Then there is a nice disconnected undercut that adds another unique element of style to the look.

10. Slicked Back Hairstyle With Fade And Beard


Source: Gerson.__

Now, this really is one cool hairstyle for men that features a clean slicked back look on top. It also forms sort of a tail at the back with hair fading down towards the bottom. The sides are nicely faded and a disconnected undercut is achieved. The beard adds to the mix nicely.

11. Textured Curls With High Fade


Source: Joaogabriel_barbiere

Textured top always looks great and you need to have somewhat wavy hair for that. This beautiful hairstyle is just a perfect example of that. The hairstyle features short-to-medium length hair on top while there is a high fade on the sides. A stubble and a short beard on the chin add to the look rather nicely.

12. Combed Back Hairstyle With High Fade


Source: Cosmoprofbeauty

This is another cool combed back hairstyle look that features a high fade on the sides to complement. The undercut fade always goes hand in hand with the hairstyles for men that feature some volume on top. This is a perfect example that creates an even better vibe when combined with that nice beard.

13. Side Swept With Undercut


Source: Deewin6

This is a cool hairstyle that features medium length side swept hair on top. The hairstyle is a gorgeous everyday look that is more formal than anything else. The sides have a nice look with an undercut and it all feels amazing when combined together.

14. Slicked Back With Undercut



This beautiful hairstyle features a slicked back look with a disconnected touch to a side. The hairstyle has a perfect vibe to it with a high faded undercut and it really looks awesome on guys who always want to have something casual to flaunt.

15. Long Slicked Back Hairstyle With Undercut Fade


Source: Leftythebarber86

The hairstyle options to go with this type of fade are aplenty and this one is a cool choice as well. The hair is combed back nicely and slicked tight to the skin in a rather elegant way. It looks really awesome when combined with a nice faded style. Remember the hair is not all combed back rather it gets a bit of a curve to a side just around the crown.

16. Side Swept With Disconnected Undercut



Side swept hair is a go-to choice for kids. However, if you want to add a bit of drama to the look, you can always go with a disconnected undercut. It doesn’t look too casual for the kids to flaunt rather it’s a nice hairstyle that really looks awesome.

17. Combed Back With Undercut Variations


Source: Ryanlewis_model

The undercut can be styled in so many different ways and here we have a few examples for you. The hair on top gets different shapes as well. It can either be a combed back look, a casually side swept fringe or a forward swept hairstyle. As far as undercut is concerned, you can keep it disconnected and give it a nice taper fade or a mid fade. No matter what choice you make, it will look elegant and classy.

18. Combed Back With High Fade



The combed back hairstyle looks awesome when styled with a disconnected undercut. There is enough volume kept on the top and it looks just great when given a disconnected touch. The sides are faded and have a look of an undercut. It’s up to you how you want to shape the undercut at the back. Making sort of a V-shape would be a cool choice.

19. Top Knot With Hard Part And Undercut


Source: Cutsbyjnreaso

Undercuts are a perfect choice to go with a multitude of hairstyle options and a top knot is one of them as well. This is a more artistic look that is made even better with that nice hard part. This undercut fade hairstyle looks gorgeous overall and makes for a perfect vibe.

20. Slicked And Combed Back Hairstyle


Source: Cutsbyjnreaso

The undercut hairstyles are always about a neat and clean look which is what this haircut is all about. The hairstyle features medium length hair on the top all styled nicely to the back. The disconnected look of the undercut makes it look and feel better. Add in that stubble beard and you can’t ask for a better overall look.

21. Side Parted With Voluminous Top


Source: Studiohmhair

This is a classic variation to the undercut fade hairstyles. The hair on top is given a cool, voluminous and shiny side swept look. There is a cool hard part and a couple of surgical lines added to the mix as well. The faded sides blend into the look rather nicely.

22. Side Swept With Disconnected Undercut


Source: Wisnu.gandara

This is a cool variation of the hairstyle. It features length on top that is nicely swept to a side and a side part is created to define the look. The sides have a disconnected undercut that looks and feels amazing with the overall style. It is a perfect hairstyle for anyone with fine and shiny hair.

23. Top Knot With Faded Undercut


Source: Meraki_hair_

If you love to grow your hair longer, you always have the option to tie it into a nice and cool top knot. The hair looks amazing as it’s not all tucked into the knot rather a small length is allowed to go down to the bottom at the back. A side parted look is also created while slicking the hair back. Combine it all with a fade and a beard to achieve a more than perfect hairstyle.

24. Side Swept With Undercut


Source: Studiohmhair

Now, this is a more classic and conventional side swept look that we all have been seeing over the years. It looks more like a military haircut but the details make it qualify perfectly for the side swept undercut look. Overall, it looks gorgeous and makes for a perfect vibe.

25. Disconnected Side Swept Hairstyle


Source: Studiohmhair_

Grow it all to medium length and combine it with a disconnected undercut to achieve a more dramatic look with your hairstyle. The hairdo looks amazing, unique and different from those typical hairstyles you get to see in your everyday routine. The sides are nicely faded and overall it looks really cool.

26. Textured Side Swept Hair With Side Part


Source: Studiohmhair_

Medium-to-long hair always offers you plenty of room to style your hair in all different types of hairstyles. This cool look is just amazing and it looks rather nice with a faded undercut. The top hair is swept nicely to a side to create a clean, layered and textured look. Overall, it makes for a perfect hairstyle.

27. Side Swept With Hard Part


Source: Studiohmhair_

This cool hairstyle is all about its clean and well-defined look. The hair on top is kept to medium length and combed nicely to a side. Some styling product will be needed to keep the look intact. The hard part blends nicely into the mix with an undercut fade on the sides to complete the look.

28. Unconventional Top Knot With Undercut Fade


Source: Will_cuts

Top knot is a classic hairstyle for men but it can get quite a few different shapes as well depending on how you want to position the knot. This one is a cool variation that features the knot just around the center of the head and allows it to fall over as well just like a pony. A sort of side-parted look is created while a cleaner touch is given to the hairstyle with that beautiful undercut fade.

29. Layered Side Sweep With Undercut



If you love to have some volume on top then this is probably the best hairstyle for you to achieve. The hairdo features evenly cut hair all swept nicely to a side forming cool layers. There is a side part as well but the hairstyle gets its cool vibe from that beautiful disconnected undercut.

30. Curly Short Crop With Undercut


Source: Barbeariagatodebigode

Looking to style the beautiful curly hair of yours? Well, it’s probably the most obvious choice for you to go with. The hairstyle features nice and short curls on top while it gets a stylish look with that beautiful undercut fade. The hairstyle just looks amazing and gets an even better vibe with that nice goatee that complements it rather beautifully.

31. Textured Mohawk Style 



The hairstyle here features a typical mohawk look that boasts of a textured feel on the top. However, it doesn’t get that spiky touch like what we normally have with the mohawk hairstyles. It looks cool with a hard part on the side which is not too evident, however. The undercut fade goes with the look perfectly and makes it look awesome.

32. Classic Pompadour With Undercut Faded



This is another cool style to achieve with a faded undercut. The hairdo has been popular for ages among men of all ethnicities and age groups. It features a nice combed back look in a popular Pompadour style and is complemented with a nice hard part. Add a beard to the mix and you can’t ask for anything better.

33. Combover With Temple Fade


Source: Timursta

Combover hairstyle is a typical hairstyle option for men and many of them take it as their first-choice hairstyle. However, you can always experiment with the look by combining it with different fade and undercut styles. This one here features a nice temple fade to complete the look and it’s just gorgeous.

34. Slicked Back with Undercut


Source: Razorj_

The slanted look cretaed by this slicked back hairstyle feels too gorgeous to handle. You will need some styling product to achieve this beautiful look, however. The hairstyle looks nice and cool with a wonderful undercut that keeps the balance between length on top and faded sides.

35. Rounded Fringe With Undercut


Source: Jordindoeshair

The side swept hair on top can also be styled in quite a few different ways. And if you want to keep it unique and a bit old-school then just grow it long enough on top and curl that fringe forward. The hair towards the center of the head can also be made to curl in very much the same fashion. The undercut completes the look to perfection and if you can add that beautiful chin strap beard it will look even better.

36. Slicked Back Hairstyle With Undercut


Source: Leftythebarber86

Another cool slicked back look, this one also features long hair that goes even below the crown towards the back. The beautiful undercut fade defines the look to perfection. Some styling product will, however, be needed for achieving a perfect slicked back effect and also to keep the look intact.

37. Slicked Back With Surgical Line And High Fade


Source: Jr3osorio

Slicked back hairstyles are always a top choice for men who love to have a formal look but if you want to make it look a bit more casual, you still have that option as well. Just keep it long enough on top that it can be slicked back and then add a casual look with that surgical line just where your side part usually starts. Add in that high fade and you have a gorgeous look to flaunt.

38. Curly And Tousled with Undercut


Source: Veezy_perfection

Curly hair always makes for a perfect vibe. You can achieve a more than perfect look by keeping it all naturally curly on top and then giving it a finishing touch with the help of a beautiful undercut. The naturally unruly look, however, is the signature style of this beautiful hairdo.

39. Combover With Undercut



Combover hairstyle is also a nice choice to go with an undercut fade. The hairstyle requires you to have medium length hair on top and it is nicely combed over to achieve a perfectly formal hairstyle. And, if you want to add a bit of drama to the look, simply go for a faded undercut. Your gorgeous hairstyle will be ready.

40. Top Knot With Surgical Part


Source: Cutsbyjnreaso

Though it’s not the type of haircut that is styled with a side part but still it defines one with a surgical line to separate top hair from those on the sides. The hairstyle features length on top that is tied into a nice top knot just around the crown. The not is a bit different than the ones above as this one forms more of a mushroom shape due to that wide umbrella on top. The hairstyle features a nice fade as well.

41. Slicked Back With Beard


Source: Thefaader

This is a really cool hairstyle that features same slicked back hair as in many of the haircuts described above. However, this one features a bit less length and ends up just around the crown in more of a neat fashion. The sides are styled with a beautiful undercut and that beard is there to complete the look rather nicely.

42. Combed Back With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Cutsbyjnreaso

Combed back look is pretty much similar to the slicked back hairstyle but the difference lies in the fact that this particular hairstyle has some height to it. The undercut is disconnected from the top hair and it looks awesome overall. And if you can add in a cool grown out beard with a heavy mustache then it will look all the more elegant and unique.

43. Combover Hairstyle With Hard Part 


Source: Richthebarber

This really is one cool variation to the combover hairstyle. The hair on the top is kept a bit textured while the frontal hair is given somewhat of a puffy look. The sides are faded with an undercut and there is a hard part to add a unique element of style to the look. The chin strap beard completes it to perfection.

44. Spiky Updo With High Fade


Source: Iba_vong

This cool look features a beautiful spiky updo that looks just awesome on men. It is styled nicely with a side part that is very fine and is placed close to the sides where the fade starts. The spiky look of the frontal hair is just amazing and makes this beautiful hairstyle worth a try.

45. Slanted Flat Top With Faded Sides


Source: Iba_vong

Flat top hairstyles are a common sight when you look for the haircuts for men. However, a bit of dramatic touch can be given to a flat top hairstyle with a slanted top. You have to keep some volume on top and fade the sides to achieve this timeless look. There is a surgical line that serves as a side part and makes this beautiful hairstyle look unique.

46. Slicked Back With High Fade


Source: Benparkerbarber

This slicked back hairstyle boasts of a bit of volume on top and a stylish finish to the look with a nice high fade. The hairstyle actually has an undercut fade that lends it a bit of definition and separates the top from the sides. Overall, it’s a nice hairstyle to achieve a perfectly clean look.

47. Tousled Top With Undercut Fade


Source: Richthebarber

We have seen quite a few examples of how the hair can be slicked backwards to achieve a perfect look but this one gives it a bit different perspective. The hairstyle boasts of a similar look but features tousled hair on top and not a classic slicked back look. The hair on the sides is cut into a nice fade and is completely disconnected from the top locks. The beard blends into the look rather nicely and makes for a perfect vibe.

48. Disconnected Undercut And Fade Hairstyles


Source: Richthebarber

These are a few variations of the disconnected undercut and faded hairstyles for men. The hairdos above feature a nice disconnected undercut with top hair styled in a different manner whereas the two hairstyles on the bottom feature a high fade with one showing a classic side part while the other displaying forward swept hair. Well, when it comes to undercut fade hairstyles, you have all sorts of options available and it’s up to you as to how you’d like to style the top hair.

49. Slicked Back Hairstyle With Faded Undercut


Source: Hair.cules

This beautiful variation of the slicked back hairstyle features medium length hair on top that is all swept backwards nicely and tight to the skin. The hair looks very cool and a neat vibe is created with the overall look. If you can add a little stubble to the look, it will be even better.

50. Textured Combed Back Hairstyle


Source:  Bsb_barberclassics

This is a cool hairstyle to achieve whether you are looking for something formal or a haircut that creates more of a casual vibe. The hair is combed back nicely but a textured look is maintained with the help of a styling product and a bit of combing around. The sides get an undercut fade to complete the look in a more elegant fashion. The addition of a stubble make it look even better overall.

51. Undercut Fade With Variations On Top


Source: Theedgebarbershopnanaimo

Yes, undercut fade can be styled in so many unique ways with top hair getting different shapes and styles. Here we have a perfect example with top hair styled in four different shapes. The first one gets it slicked backwards with a hard part and an undercut defining the look. The other one sweeps it slightly to a side and slightly towards the back while a styling product is applied to achieve the look. The next one features a cool side swept look while the last one has a combed back fringe. So, it’s up to you which hairstyle you’d like to achieve.

52. Combed Back With Undercut


Source: Joeymerrick

Combed back hairstyles are a trend these days and this one is a perfect choice to make. It features hair nicely combed backwards and disconnected from the sides with a cool undercut. It’s a simple look but still it is quite stylish and elegant.

53. Unruly Wavy Hair With Undercut


Source: Brendeezycutz

If you want some volume on top and would like to keep it all casual, this is probably the best hairstyle choice for you. Just grow it to medium length on top and run your fingers through to achieve a perfect look. The hairstyle features an undercut with high fade on the sides and a stubble blends into the style rather nicely. Overall, it looks awesome.

So, these are some of the hairstyle options that you can try with an undercut fade. As you might have noticed, the hairstyle can get as creative as you might like. From short crop to long slicked back hair and top knots, you have all sorts of options to go with. Just make sure the undercut fade gets the style that goes with the look perfectly and suits on your face shape. Overall, it will look elegant, stylish and unique when styled in the right manner. What are you waiting for then? Just make a pick and give yourself a perfect hairstyle to flaunt.