Top Men’s Quiff Haircut Ideas That Make A Unique Style Statement

Over the years, we have seen Quiff haircut getting ever so popular among the top men’s short quiff haircut hairstyles out there. The hairstyle has made it to the top with beautiful pompadour and undercut styles. So, if you have long been looking forward to a hairstyle that is not just fashionable but has also lasted through the test of time, Quiff is going to make a perfect choice for you. The best thing about this beautiful hairstyle is that it works perfectly in a variety of casual and professional settings.

We have seen quiff haircut gaining popularity since 1950s and they have certainly come a long way forward. There are quite a few variations to this beautiful hairstyle and you can always modify it to suit almost all the face shapes, aesthetics and hair types. With all this versatility of the hairstyle, it can be made to look amazing in whatever setting you like. The hairstyle also works best for lots of different casual and professional settings which makes it one of the best hairstyle options for those with office jobs. The hairstyle even works for schools with a bit lenient school codes.

What else a quiff hairstyle can offer you? Well, even though the quiff hairstyle is a popular choice in men’s fashion, you’d not see many people wearing Quiffs in their everyday life. So, you have a chance to make a unique style statement every day. The simple reason behind it not being so regularly sported is that the hairstyle is not too casual but rather it’s a fashion hairstyle. So, that means as soon as you’d be sporting a quiff hairstyle, you’ll stand out right away.

What Is A Quiff Hairstyle?

As far as the haircut is concerned, short quiff haircut are more like the undercut styles which have longer hair on the top and get shorter on back and sides. The difference is actually made by the top hair that is styled in more of an upward direction and slightly combed back for an eye-catching and textured look. Here, the styling plays a vital part and we’d definitely get into the details of how this contemporary hairstyle can be achieved.

Similar to other voluminous hairstyles for men out there – like disconnected undercut – a quiff hairstyle is one high-contrast hairdo. What this means is longer hair on the top offer a starker contrast to shorter hair on sides and back.Quiff haircut what to ask for?

As far as the looks are concerned, a quiff hairstyle seems like a close-cousin to pompadour haircuts. Both of these hairstyles have voluminous look to them and they are both swept back hairstyles. Some major differences still exist between these two hairstyles, though. Men sporting a quiff hairstyle usually focus more on the vertical volume on the front whereas that’s not the case all the time with pompadour hairstyles. You can easily find many pompadour hairstyles that are comparatively smaller and have a less extreme look compared to a quiff haircut.

One more defining feature of short quiff haircut is that it is a bit messy in nature. The frontal hair is usually slanted a bit and it takes more of a wavy look. On the contrary, pompadours are tighter and they have greater shine and slickness to offer.

Quiff haircut what to ask for

As you’d have known by now, quiff haircut can be classified as medium-length hairdo due to the volume required on top. A length of 3 inches turns out to be a bare minimum as far as quiff haircut what to ask for are concerned. However, if you choose to go longer than that and style a quiff with 4-6 inches length, you’re going to sport a taller quiff with a massive volume. Just like pompadours, short quiff haircut also allow you to keep it to different lengths and you can experiment and find out what works the best in your case.

Furthermore, in order to pull off a perfect look, you would also need some quality styling products and you may want to choose between a wax, gel, or pomade. Your choice here should depend on the kind of style you want to achieve eventually. With pomade, you can get a shinier quiff hairstyle with a slightly slicker look. On the other hand, wax and gel can accentuate your hair texture while allowing you to preserve and maximize the volume on top.

A good blow dryer will also be needed as it’s going to play a major part in shaping off your quiff to perfection and securing the final look. The blow dryer is also going to help you in adding lots of volume while getting some amazing texture naturally. Using diffuser nozzle with the blow dryer will also be helpful in optimizing the process of drying out your hair for quiff-like hairstyles.

As the styling has a crucial role to play in pulling off a perfect quiff, you should only settle for the best. The use of a quality blow dryer and the hair products will ensure that you get what’s actually the best in terms of the final look achieved.

How To Style A Quiff To Perfection?

Here we have discussed the basic process of styling a quiff and there are some of the most popular quiff variations included as well for you so that you can make a choice easily.

If you want to achieve a perfect quiff, you will have to follow the 3 steps given below.

  1. Start styling with hair that is freshly showered and towel-dried. Make sure that it’s still a bit damp on top. (An optional step here would be to blow dry the hair for adding a bit of more volume.)
  2. Take a style product in a very small amount and work it into your hair evenly.
  3. Blow dry the hair in your desired direction which you want the quiff to go. It is also a good idea to use the comb for teasing the hair higher so that more volume could be achieved.

Congratulations, you have achieved a perfect quiff. Remember, however, that it seems a bit simple but you always have to experiment to come up with something really good. It is important that you discover an exact technique which works best for you to pull off an amazing quiff. In case, if you are not getting the desired results, it is advised that you use diffuser nozzle or higher heat setting with the blow dryer.

As soon as you have mastered this art of achieving a basic quiff, you can try out with different looks as given below.

  1. Modern Quiff Hairstyle

When it comes to modern Quiff haircut, it’s the modern day alternative to a clean and classic hairstyle with some added personality. The hairstyle features a sharp fade on sides which gives you a hip and sharp look. However, you can still opt for some less-pronounced fade to get a relaxed feel to the look.

For achieving a perfect look, towel dry your hair and leave it little damp. Next, rub a little amount of wax or pomade between your fingertips before running the fingers through the hair. Tease frontal hair up and then comb it all back. Want to have some more volume? Use a bit of mousse too. Finish it off by simply blow drying your quiff to secure the look.

  1. Short Quiff Hairstyle

Short quiff hairstyle is somewhat similar to modern quiff. However, it is known to create more of a casual and younger feel. The hair on top is cropped shorter to almost 2-4 inches length. Usually, the look is sported with an undercut or an acute fade on sides and back. The hairstyle is perfectly suited for anyone looking for a clean haircut without much of a hassle.

  1. Curly Quiff Hairstyle

Curly Quiff hairstyle turns out to be a longer quiff that men with curly hair would love to flaunt. The hairstyle gives a less polished and sleek effect. However, it is still quite relaxed and artistic look that you would definitely want to flaunt.

Styling of the curly quiff hairstyle goes same like a typical quiff hairdo. But you might want to style it with wide-toothed comb so that you can easily manipulate your hair to your liking. Furthermore, if you’re looking for the quiff to have some curls on the top, you should definitely not flatten the curls out with blow drying or some styling product. Just be careful about that.

  1. Long Blowdried Quiff Hairstyle

A long quiff turns out to be quite a dramatic look achieved by the well-groomed, contemporary men. Just like the hairstyles described above, you should keep the sides a bit shorter while keeping the top hair longer. As a result, you’d be able to achieve much more volume for your curly hair. Normally, the length you have on top decides how much time it would take to pull out a perfect hairstyle. And, that’s exactly the case with this hairstyle as well. Nevertheless, the end result achieved is definitely worth it.

For styling this type of quiff hairstyle, you almost have to follow the same process as with basic Quiff haircut. However, there are a couple of important differences that are worth highlighting among the two types. First one is that this hairstyle might require you to use higher heat setting because of the hair volume involved. Second one is that some additional amount of styling product might be needed for giving longer hair required amount of hold.

  1. The Messy Quiff Hairstyle

This wonderful hairstyle gives you an amazing mesh of a casual and classy look. Obviously, the principles for styling basic quiff would apply here but rather than primping, you should aim at getting the hair into shape roughly while not caring much about achieving a sleek look overall. It will give you more of a devil-may-care attitude but still the hairstyle looks put together to perfection. In fact, it’s one of the most stylish looks you could support without having to put in lots of effort.

For achieving the look, you have to do some basic preparation of the quiff, and after that make sure that you don’t meticulously comb your locks into place. Rather, comb a bit of mousse through the hair using your fingers while blow drying it all. A bit of hairspray can be added to the frontal hair so that it may not fall into the eyes.

  1. Side Quiff Hairstyle

As far as the side Quiff haircut are concerned, they’re essentially the modern quiff that boasts of a more pronounced part. You can go for a simple part or have some extra definition by getting the barber to create hard part. The variation would definitely give a nice and dapper look to the hairstyle.

Start achieving the look just the way you style modern quiff. However, you’ll have to pull the hair over to a side for creating a defining line that separates the top hair from the sides. Add some hairspray before pressing with the fingers along that line. Finish of this look simply by combining rest of the hair in opposite direction as that of the part.

  1. Undercut Quiff Hairstyle

This one is another beautiful hybrid quiff hairdo out there that looks more like a contemporary quiff on the top. However, the sides of this cool variation have been shaved down completely to make sure that it gives you the alternative edge. The hairstyle works perfectly for modern hipster type guys.

  1. Rockabilly Quiff Hairstyle

One of the best looks to achieve in Quiff haircut, this one gets you to think of John Travolta from Grease. The hairstyle features a nice long top which is combed up and out of your face while achieving a little height at the same time as well. It is also curled forward to the front or combed into point. One great variation of this look is Morrissey quiff and that’s a bit shorter on the sides while sporting a bit looser look.

For achieving this modern hairstyle, you have to apply the styling product to the hair evenly before combing it upwards and out of your face. Next, blow it all dry to achieve a perfect shape. If you want it to look more like the vintage rockabilly hairstyle, take a frontal strand and make it to curl with the finger, before you pull it in the forward direction onto your forehead. It will surely make a great statement.

  1. Psychobilly Quiff Hairstyle

This one turns out to be more of a punk look given to a typical rockabilly hairstyle which combines an extreme undercut quiff hairstyle, a Mohawk, and a classic rockabilly quiff hairstyle to achieve a perfect look. This beautiful hairstyle is sometimes also referred to as wedge due to its sharp angles of hair. The hairdo works to perfection for anyone looking for more dapper option to maintain the edge.

For achieving the look, you’d need some time as well as patience. Start it off with a bit damp hair and apply some good quality gel with extra-firm hold generously through your hair before combing it through. Just start on a side and then work across before applying the hairspray and combing the hair in upward direction. Lastly, you have to blow dry for achieving a perfect look.

  1. Messy Quiff

Once sported by the ever stylish Johnny Depp, this is a crazy quiff achieved with a bit of pirate touch to it. The hairstyle boasts of long and spiky hair and has a funky vibe to it. It’s always easy to pull off such a special look if you know exactly what it takes.

So, these are the top men’s Quiff haircut ideas and a look at how you could achieve some of the really stylish hairstyles around. Now, it’s your choice which of these beautiful hairstyles you would want to achieve. Remember that each of the listed options are styled with the basic quiff look to begin with and then styled in a way specific for the highlighted look. Just pick one you think that would suit you the most and go with it. You’re sure to rock your new style!