8 High And Tight Haircut Variations For A Trendy Look In 2020

Whether you want a short hairstyle or a long hairdo for men, there are all sorts of styles available for you to try out. You can always scout through different options and find a perfect hairstyle for a particular event or for your casual daily routine.

However, if you are very specific about the kind of look you want to achieve, you may need to struggle a bit harder but still you will be able to find some cool styles that you can flaunt both in your daily routine and also on the major events that you have to attend. And, if you are looking for the best short hairstyles, a high and tight haircut is one of the trending and cool hairstyles out there.

Even in this particular hairstyle, you can find quite a few cool variations that give it all the versatility you need. So, let’s check out what you can have in high and tight haircut and how you can flaunt the look. Here are some cool looks that you can choose to achieve.

1. Buzzed Up Top With High Fade


Source: Nerdmom2twins

This probably is the signature look when it comes to high and tight hairstyles. The hair on top is nicely buzzed up while the sides have a clean high fade. You can always wear the look with a stubble or a cleaned shave just as you like. Overall, it looks really cool.

2. Buzz Cut With Beard


Source: Malecelebrityhairstyles

This is a slightly bigger length than a typical buzz cut as the hairstyle gets a cool side swept look. The high fade on the sides complements the top hair to perfection and you can always wear it with a nice beard and mustache. Want to make it look even funkier, go for some tattoos on the neck.

3. Typical Buzz Cut


Source: Hairstylistkerrie

This one is a typical buzz cut that makes for a really clean look and also taper-fade haircut overall. You have to get the hair trimmed the smallest it is possible with a clipper. The same length is given to the hair all around and this symmetric look is simply gorgeous .

4. High And Tight With Stylish Short Fringe


Source: Kollgeorge

This is another cool look to achieve with a high and tight haircut. The hair is kept short and forward swept on top and a cool style is achieved with a short fringe. The high fade on the sides looks even better. The overall hairstyle looks really cool and is quite a different look than typical high and tight hairstyles.

5. Buzz Cut With Beard


Source: Victor_toujours

This cool hairstyle is a typical buzz cut with less than an inch on top and everywhere else on the head. The sides are given an even cleaner look while the beard complements the hairstyle to perfection. Overall, it’s a simple yet stylish and elegant hairstyle that you’d love to flaunt anywhere you like.

6. High And Tight With Shaved Sides


Source: Derek_d34

This cool look features only a short patch on the top in the oval shape and that’s also kept very short in length. It’s more like the buzzed up look while the sides have been completely shaved to achieve the look. You can always add a stubble to the mix if you want to but that’s not really a must.

7. High And Tight Haircut With Stubble


Source: Trace.cuts

This is another cool high and tight haircut that gets a typical look. The hair is, however, kept a little bit spiky on top but that’s noticeable if you have a close look at it. The sides are shaved but they blend into the stubble nicely having same sort of hair growth. The look can be achieved after a couple of days of shaving the sides.

8. Buzz Cut With Fade


Source: Hairstylistkerrie

This is another cool look to achieve with hair on the top all buzzed up and the hair on the sides nicely faded. Overall, the look is gorgeous, neat and clean and can be worn anywhere you may like. If you want a low maintenance hairstyle then this is the one you should go with.

So, a high and tight haircut is basically one of the simplest looks around that men can achieve no matter what their hair type may be. It’s a low maintenance hairdo that doesn’t require you to pick up the comb every morning and spend time in achieving a perfect look. You just have to take a shower, dress yourself up and head your way to work or anywhere else. You can’t find a better style for yourself if you are not too comfortable taking care of your hair all the time.