Top And Stylish Hairstyles For Men-Achieving A Timeless Look In 2021

Every year, there are a lot of mens hairstyles introduced and many old ones go into the style archives. There is no end to the stylish hairstyles for men and you can never be spoilt for choice no matter how much you want to experiment with your beautiful looks. Even this year, we have some new stylish hairstyles trending for men and they have everything from the most organized looks to the ones that create ultimately casual vibes. Here we have shortlisted top 18 stylish haircuts for men to give you a look and feel of how you could style your hair this year. Let’s check out.

  1. Textured Comb Over With Taper Fade

Top And Stylish Hairstyles For Men-Achieving A Timeless Look In 2021

Source: Johan_salon

One of the best hairstyles for men around, this one is just perfect for Asian men. The hairstyle boasts of long and textured hair on top that is combed over nicely to a side. It really feels amazing with a fresh and textured look and doesn’t require too much of maintenance either once the look has been achieved. The sides are tapered nicely to balance things off and the hairstyle can make your day giving you a perfect style for any occasion.

  1. Side Parted Hairstyle With High Fade

Side Parted Hairstyle With High Fade

Source: Stylemiranda

Long-to-medium length on top, this beautiful hairstyle is all about creating a perfect look and feel that is more formal than anything else. The hairdo boasts of nicely organized, side-swept hairstyle on top that is sprayed with some styling product to keep it right in place. A perfect touch of organization is given to the hairstyle with that hard part and a high skin fade on the sides that is further accentuated with a stubble beard. You can’t ask for a better stylish and organized look for men this year.

  1. Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Ladybarbersinas

You may have seen all buzzed up looks over the years but if you want to take a different approach, this is the hairstyle you should go with this year. First you have to buzz it up all over and then simply trim the sides even shorter to give it a skin fade. It helps accentuate the buzz cut on top even further. Overall, it’s a casual look which can get an even better style overall with a stubble.

  1. Long Mohawk With Undercut Fade

Source: Hairmenstyleworld

If you want to let the funkiest of vibes takeover, this is the hairstyle you should be after. One of the most beautiful looks around for men this year, the hairstyle boasts of some dense volume on top with long-grown hair spiked into a beautiful Mohawk. The undercut fade on the sides looks simply impeccable when introduced into the mix and that beautiful beard completes the entire style to perfection.

  1. Curly Mess With Undercut Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Gemmmaaaaa

Want to give an otherwise rough and bland curly hairstyle a more chic and perfect vibe? This is the hairstyle you should be sporting this year for sure. The hairdo boasts of medium length hair on top with natural curls taken up a notch through perfect styling. Leave it all a bit messy and let the natural texture speak out loud. The high fade on the sides complements the curly top nicely to give this hairstyle a bit of organized look.

  1. Funky Top Knot With Undercut Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade


There are all sorts of top knot hairstyles around and this year we are going to take this hairstyle to a whole different level of elegance. It’s a bit funky and is achieved with beautiful, long and straight chunk of hair on top that is combed all the way back and knotted at the crown before letting the short ponytail to fall over the back. There is an undercut fade all around that complements the top hair perfectly and a couple of small surgical lines are also added to make the style even funkier. Wear the beautiful hairstyle with a long beard and you’re up for something really special.

  1. Buzz Cut With Surgical Design And Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Moohammad_hamze

A beautiful buzz cut is always a timeless look and you can achieve the hairstyle in all sorts of different variations as you would like. This one here makes for a perfectly stylish look and it is actually a bit longer as compared to an all out buzz which features hair trimmed too short close to the head. The hairstyle features an edgy look towards the front and feels really amazing. Wear it with surgical designs and fade on the sides, just as shown in the picture above and you have a really amazing look ready for your next casual day out. Try not to sport the hairstyle on formal events because it’s a typically casual look that will bring your inner playboy out.

  1. Textured Top With Undercut Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Shorthaircut_blog

Though not a typical spiky hairstyle, this one requires you to get the hair on top cut flat and raise it all up with perfect texture running through. So, if you have always fancied those nice flat top hairstyles, this year you might want to flaunt this beautiful look. Apply some styling product to keep it all intact, though. There is a nice and beautiful undercut on the sides that complements the hair on top to perfection. Add a stylish beard to the mix and you can’t really ask for anything better.

  1. Long, Textured, Combed Back Hairstyle

Buzz Cut With High Fade


Long and textured on top, the beautiful hairstyle here makes for a perfectly unique vibe. Even though it may look a bit old-fashioned, the hairstyle is making a comeback big time. Just make sure that you maintain the volume on top and just do not comb it back flat and close to the head. Spray it into place high and elegant and you have a wonderful hairstyle for any day. The sides have a fade and they get close to the skin going down the bottom. Add a stubble to the mix and you have a wonderful style ready to flaunt.

  1. Textured Forward Swept Hairstyle With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Menshaircuts

If you want more organized and stylish hairstyle that still has a bit of funky touch to it, this wonderful look is definitely for you. The hairstyle boasts of short-to-medium length hair on top and it’s all casually swept forward with some color highlights and a bit of texture on top. The frontal fringe is slightly swirled to create a perfect look overall and we have a disconnected undercut on the sides to add a bit of sophistication to an otherwise informal look. Wear it with a beard and you can’t really ask for a better style.

  1. Funky Mohawk With Undercut

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Laurie_vis_capilli

Yet another cool Mohawk hairstyle, this timeless look will surely keep coming back in different stylish touches time and again. This one here is more edgy and spiky than the one above and it makes for a perfectly casual vibe for any day. You can wear it with a touch of color highlights and it will really look amazing for sure. The sides have an undercut which looks as amazing as it can ever get in the overall scheme of things.

  1. Buzz Cut With Taper Fade

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Saysomadla

Another buzz cut style which really looks amazing, this one also features slightly longish hair as compared to typical signature hairstyle. What’s even better here is that it’s given a forward swept look even with those short hairs on top. Towards the front, we have more of a Caesar-like look with frontal locks giving a slightly raised-up look. As far as the sides are concerned, there is a nice taper fade which looks amazing when styled with a beard. The best part is that this beautiful hairstyle would work for both formal and casual settings.

  1. Spiky Quiff With Textured Top

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Ideasheave

You may have seen pretty cool and organized quiff hairstyles and, despite the fact that it really looks amazing, you’d love to give it a twist this year. The hairstyle gets a cool variation this year with a rough and spiky touch to it. The casual texture on top lifts it up a notch while the frontal quiff really makes a statement with its own unique and spiky style. There is a high fade on the sides and it works wonderfully well with a well-trimmed beard. It’s a stylish look and it’s there to stay.

  1. Side Swept Fringe With Spiky Top

Source: Ideasheaven

Another cool and stylish look to flaunt for men this year, this hairstyle is pretty easy to achieve and can be maintained quite easily as well. There is some casual texture on top that is given a slightly textured look with the help of a styling product and it also helps to keep it looking fresh as well. There is a disconnected undercut on the sides with a clearly defined curve which really makes for a unique style statement. Slick the frontal fringe to a side and it will look really amazing. Add a stylish beard to the mix and you can’t ask for a better combo.

  1. Comb Over Quiff With Undercut Fade

Source: Im_ram_kapoor

This beautiful fade haircut for men really creates its own unique vibes and it’s more stylish than ever. The hairstyle boasts of some volume on top which is all combed back into a spiky look and sprayed over with a styling product so that it stays into place. Apparently resembling a Mohawk hairstyle, this one is not an all out spiky hairstyle but rather it’s more of a quiff that makes a statement. The sides have a undercut fade and it brings a perfect balance to the entire hairdo.

  1. Short Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part

Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Mahdad_barber

This beautiful hairstyle is very much similar to a typical buzz cut as far as the length of the hair is concerned. However, a unique twist is given to this beautiful hairstyle with the help of that cool hard part on top. It really adds a unique touch of style to the hairdo and you won’t see many wearing this cool hairstyle either. What’s even better is that it doesn’t get a typical side part and rather the part is slightly higher up. The high fade on the sides completes the look to perfection.

  1. Quiff Hairstyle With Disconnected Undercut

Source: Mehran_alaviii

This classic quiff hairstyle is given a different touch of style this time as the hair from the crown area is swept forward and slightly towards the side. The frontal quiff is made into a beautiful, tightly-held spiky style with the help of a strong hold styling product. There is a nice disconnected undercut on the sides which complements the style on top to perfection. You can always wear this look with a cool beard and it will look even better if the beard is seamlessly blended into the undercut on the sides. It’s a timeless look that will keep you looking great this year and beyond.

So, which of these beautiful hairstyles for men appeal you the most? There have been all sorts of stylish variations that you can try out and now it’s your choice which of the cool mens hairstyles you would want to go with. Choose ones that suit specifically to your facial features and unique styling sense so that you really stand out among the lot everywhere you go. Pick one for yourself and get into style!