Top Best Haircuts For Men With Square Face Shape

As far as square face shape is concerned, it is popularly known as one of most masculine shapes men can ever have. Furthermore, this face shape looks the coolest with so many different hairstyles out there. Characterized by prominent jawline, straight sides, and a beautiful square forehead, this face shape really has an attractive vibe and when the appropriate haircuts for men are chosen to complement it, things get even better. For all its natural features, the square face shape looks quite sharp and angular. So, what you actually have to do is to soften those angles of the face.

In case, if you are not so sure exactly where you need to begin, we have shortlisted some of the coolest men haircuts that will look just perfect with square face shape. Let’s have a look.

  1. Buzz Cut

As buzz cuts tend to be naturally short in length all around, they can really play a vital part in highlighting square faces. You can go for anything like a butch cut, Ivy League haircut, or a crew cut to emphasize the sharper facial features.

Obviously, these beautiful hairstyles are shorter as compared to the popular pompadours and undercuts, but you need to ensure that you do not cut the hair way too short. You should be very cautious about that because if you’ll end up doing that, you might draw some extra attention to the square face you have. Rather, try to keep everything in perfect balance.

  1. Side Swept Hairstyle With Part

Here we have this cool and unique variation of the side swept hairstyle that really makes for one of most unique hairdos out there for men having square face shape. The hairstyle is basically aimed at taking those typical side parts to the extreme and pushes it beyond its limits.

At the front, the hairstyle boasts of chin length hair that is casually swept to a side. It is another asymmetrical look that you would love to flaunt with your square face shape. It features super long locks on one side of the head while going for a lot shorter length on the other. The hairstyle really makes for a bold statement and it is a perfect choice for anyone interested in adventurous hairdos.

  1. Combover

For guys with square faces, it is a great idea to emphasize either the facial features or the hair itself. For putting emphasis on your hair, you should better opt for a longer haircut. In fact, you should prefer something that has similar lengths up top as well as the sides and back. For putting emphasis on the face, you should better sport a shorter and tighter look. Try to avoid the center parts as well as the haircuts that sport heavy fringes. They all are known to throw the facial features off balance while detracting from the strong features.


  1. Undercut

Yes, trusty undercut has made a comeback. The undercut really makes for one popular mens haircut that looks amazing on square faces. The simple reason is that it emphasizes your face more with the tighter sides and a stylish top. It is recommended that you should keep the undercut shorter as the hairstyles which are not shorter or longer do not work really well with square faces.

If you want to accentuate the facial features more than anything else, slicked back undercut hairstyles would definitely work the best for you. As you have slicked back hair, it will definitely draw greater attention to your face.

  1. Pompadour Hairstyle With Fade & Beard

A stylish pompadour hairstyle always makes a great combination with square face shape. You’d be better off with the short pompadours, just like slicked back undercut styles, as they do not draw too much of attention to your hair while emphasizing more on the face. Those medium-to-long pompadours do not really work too well as they tend to make your face look a bit more rectangular and long. So, you should better avoid them.

  1. Top Knot Hairstyle

Top Knot, as we all know, is a samurai-inspired variation of a typical man bun hairstyle and it just looks amazing on men with square faces. The hairstyle requires you to pull up all your hair into just one single knot right on top of your head and you normally have to secure it around the crown area. The hairstyle is somewhat of a hybrid between a short and long hairstyle because it requires you to keep the hair longer while drawing it all up into a beautiful knot. The top knot hairstyles are often more about highlighting your face. However, if some of the hair is left hanging out, your hair can be made to serve as a focal point. The choice is yours.

  1. Fade

Obviously, fade hairstyles give you tailor made look for a square face shape. The sides are trimmed very short just like with most of the undercut styles while you can leave some volume on top. The way you style your hair on top is completely up to you and you can always experiment with the look. For example, a bit of wavy locks on top that is cut to medium length would work perfectly fine with a fade haircut and it would do no harm to your square face shape either.

Square face shape may be challenging when it comes to deciding on a perfect hairstyle, however, you still have a lot of options that you may want to go with. These top 7 best haircuts for men with square face shape are certainly going to help you out in pulling off a perfect look for almost any occasion. Just make sure whatever hairstyle you go with, you get it done to perfection so that it allows you to make a statement every single day.