Mens Hairstyles With Angular Fringe Haircut For An Amazing Look

if you have long been catching up with the latest trends in Mens hairstyles, you must be very well familiar with the popular hairstyles like the Angular Fringe Haircut,pompadour, side part, and the undercut. All these beautiful hairstyles give you a throwback at some of the looks that were popular back in the retro times where all the guys usually had pomade applied to their heads generously.

Such vintage hairstyles are also a great source of taking long hair out of your face while giving them more of a vertical direction. That’s particularly true for hairstyles like quiff and pompadour. Any of these hairstyles do not feature bangs or fringe and they present a rather organized look.

If you are not already aware, you should be aware of the fact that hairstyles with no fringe or bangs have been considered among the trendiest of looks for the last couple of years or so.

However, now that we are moving forward in time and looking at the hairstyles that modern day men are more receptive to and will probably be sporting this year and beyond, it’s evident that fringe hairstyles are going to make a comeback. With this component now getting more mainstream, increasing numbers of hairstyles are trying to incorporate it to achieve a perfect look. In fact, it’s going to dominate the men hairstyles this year and beyond.

You can find quite a few amazing hairstyles that are styled with a beautiful fringe and here we have a timeless look to share with you – the Angular Fringe Haircuts. If you are not already aware of this beautiful look that men can flaunt on a casual day, here is what it’s all about and how you can achieve it.

What Is An Angular Fringe Haircut?

An angular fringe haircut is actually the style which features a bit shorter hair on the sides while the hair on top is outgrown generously. The concept of short sides and longer top is exactly the same we have often seen with pompadour and undercut hairstyles.

However, the difference here is that this beautiful hairstyle leaves the fringe hanging over your forehead. Furthermore, the fringe or the bangs is cut at a different angle to make sure that a unique type of texture is achieved with the look. That’s exactly why the hairstyle gets the name “Angular Fringe”.

If you talk about who should sport the look, it’s a perfect choice for anyone with a round face because that angular fringe would be able to add a bit of length to your face and will perfectly balance out the entire frame.

What Do You Need For Achieving Angular Fringe Haircuts?

As this one is classified among the medium length hairstyles, keeping the length to around 2-4 inches would be recommended. It would be preferred by you to keep bottom of the fringe simply resting above the eyebrows ensuring that it does not hinder your vision.

In case, if you have had the undercut style – or anything similar to that – with the hair on the sides shorter than the ones on top, the same measurements can be used for creating a beautiful angular fringe that will suit you like nothing else.

How To Achieve Angular Fringe Haircuts?

So, now that you’re convinced you should be getting an angular fringe, it’s time that you decide the length you would want to keep on the sides as well as the top. It’s up to you completely and you can go really short with #1 on the sides. In fact, even a skin fade hairstyle would do rather nicely. The #4 can be considered a medium setting which leaves almost half an inch length behind. It’s your choice whether you want to move up or down to achieve something that really looks perfect.

When it comes to creating the angular fringe, you should ask the barber to create an angle while cutting the bangs making sure that they do not go across the bottom. Keeping it at different lengths would prove to be pivotal here. It would be a great idea to carry some pictures of the hairstyles with you because angular fringe hairstyles can have a variety of different looks and you’d want to achieve exactly what you have been inspired from.

In fact, you may even ask the barber to cut ends using a razor to create some choppy texture. As a result, you should achieve messy and angular fringe that has lots of visual interest and texture to it.

So, if you have been looking for the best mens hairstyles out there that could make a unique style statement, angular fringe haircuts would be the way to go. These hairstyles are making a strong comeback after being popular for a long time in the past and they are surely going to make a unique style statement with their perfectly cool and amazing look overall. Try as many variations as you like so that you may not get bored of the hairstyle.