Top 9 Low Maintenance Haircuts For Men For Perfect Look

We all want our hair to look stylish but, as it often happens, we do not always have the luxury of time for styling our hair to perfection. You might be a student, or an employee, or any busy parent who finds it hard to get time out of their busy schedules. So, what to do then? Well, you should simply look for the best low maintenance haircuts that men can sport on any occasion whatsoever.

If you start looking, you will come across so many beautiful hairstyles that won’t require much of styling and will surely give you a look like never before. You don’t have to spend any time at all on the upkeep or styling of your hair and all it takes is a simple haircut after a long period when your hair grows out long and gets out of shape. As for, the looks, they don’t really make any kind of compromises and will make you look as awesome as you can ever be. So, what’s keeping you from finding out more about these beautiful hairstyles? Keep Reading!

  1. Taper Fade

A taper fade hairstyle is always a perfect choice for people who want their hair to be cut shorter and still look smart. The hairstyle requires you to leave the top hair longer and taper the sides down until it blends seamlessly with your skin. Overall, you’ll surely get an easily manageable haircut. There are a variety of hairstyles that could be achieved with tapers and you can experiment with the look the way you like.

  1. Classic Taper

Short and classic taper hairstyles look sophisticated and they are quite low maintenance as well. The hairstyle requires you to get hair on the back and the sides faded whereas the top hair is left a bit longer as compared to what you have on the back and the sides. This classic taper haircut works perfectly fine with almost all hair lengths.

This hairstyle is the best option for those fashion-forward types who do not enjoy sacrificing on the aesthetics just to keep it all easy to maintain. For short enough haircuts, you do not really have to rely on any product. However, it’s still an option that you can resort to. These hairstyles can be combined nicely with side parts as well.

  1. Ivy League Hairstyle

When it comes to Ivy League hairstyles, they make a perfect choice for those who are looking to have more professional look. This actually is the high-end alternative of the typical crew cut hairstyle which leaves ample hair on top to create a part.

Similar to the classic tapers, this haircut requires your hair to be cut short while letting you to wear it with a nice side part. The hairstyle looks tidier compared to classic taper hairstyles, however. The reason is that it has more uniform hair most of the times. Furthermore, the hairstyle works the best for guys who have sharp and angular features on the face.

  1. Caesar Haircut

Even though Caesar may not be the best of options when it comes to modern men’s fashion, still it is quite a simple and straightforward look that would not require any maintenance at all. If you want your hairstyle to have super short hair, Caesar should be your go to choice.

In this beautiful and simple hairstyle, you have to get your hair cut at same length right throughout. It’s very advantageous if you are someone very active. Any barber or salon can give you a perfect Caesar haircut, but you should be very precise when telling the stylist exactly what you are looking for.

  1. Butch Cut

If you’ve always liked those buzzed haircuts except the fact that you do not like to have your hair cut extremely short, butch haircut would be a perfect option for you. The hairstyle requires medium-length clipper to be used in order to make sure your hair looks neat and clean after the cutting but it’s not too short like the military haircuts.

This haircut is quite a staple for most of the salons and barbershops around, but you can get it done at home too. If it’s the first time that you are going to get your hair cut short, Butch cut really makes for a good choice.

  1. Crew Cut

Where the Butch, Burr, and Caesar haircuts create more of a uniform vibe, crew cut gives you a nicely fading pattern which makes sure it looks a bit different from those other options we have discussed in the low maintenance haircuts for men.

In case of crew cut hairstyle, the frontal hair is kept the longest which it gets fading backwards and reaches the shortest point towards the crown. There is some tapering done with the hair towards the back and the sides to achieve a much shorter length. The crew cut hairstyles accentuate and define your facial features better than any other hairdo out there. So, it really is a great choice for men with oval or square face shapes. Men who have round face shapes should better avoid this, however.

  1. Textured Hairstyles

This really is one of the coolest options available for the men who have straight hair which naturally maintains its shape when taken upwards. The top hair is kept a bit longer as compared to Taper or Caesar. The haircut really is quite easily manageable and would need a simple brush up every morning. In fact, you can even achieve a perfect style by combing it through with your hands as well.

  1. Regulation Haircut

For those who prefer their hair to be longish yet short, a regulation haircut is definitely the way to go. This beautiful hairstyle requires you to leave around a couple of inches length on top while giving you a more businessman-like look.

While the hair on top is kept long enough for creating a part, the back and the sides are given a nice skin fade. What this means is that the faded hair gradually disappear and it all blends into your skin as it goes down. Similar to classic taper hairstyles, a regulation haircut creates more of a crisp and professional look.

  1. The Induction Haircut

So, if all else is not working out for you just because the hairstyles aren’t short enough to your liking, it’s best for you to think of going for an induction cut. This is a super-short hairstyle that takes all its inspiration from military hairstyles and it is easily one of most extreme hairstyles on the list.

This cool haircut is buzzed with no blade guard, aka #o, all over the head. Once you have the hair cut, it will resemble more to your stubble. Even though it is not the style for those with the faintest of hearts, you can go for this one if you’re looking for something that’s going to almost shave your head off.

So, what else you want in the low maintenance haircuts for men? These actually are the best ones around and they will have more of a stylish look that you can flaunt everywhere you go. Just make sure that you pick the one that’s best for you and get it done to perfection. Welcome to the Stylish Club!