70 Top Ivy League Haircut & Messy Ivy League Styles That Trends in 2020

Ivy League haircut really is an amazing variation of crew cut that adds all the style and charm to your personality. A typical Ivy League combines short hair in crew cut with slick and side swept hairstyle. The end result is really stylish and creates a chic and charming personality in you that everyone would love. Ultimately, it’s a perfect look that every guy should go with at least once and look trendy, classy and stylish. Let’s take a look at our collection of ivy league haircut and messy ivy league haircut styles that you can adopt with it.

1.             Classic Ivy League

ivy league men hairstyle

Source: vern.hair.style.kc

Classic ivy league haircut turns out to be one of earliest variations of the hairdo and is styled most commonly. So, if you talk to someone about the haircut, they’d refer to this particular look. The hairdo can be achieved with a neat trim with equal length all over. Short hair in this hairdo is long enough that you can easily sweep them in whatever way you like. Style it with a rough beard and it looks even better.

2.           Long Messy Princeton Cut

Long Messy Princeton Men Haircut

Source: menshairstylecom

The hair in this particular variation of the Ivy League haircut is kept long and messy on the top while there are faded sides. The fringe on the front gives it a perfect vibe and you get a perfect hairdo in the end.

3.           Short Spikes

Short Spikes Men Hairstyle

Source: riccoroland

Ivy League haircut can very well be styled into a spiky look to embrace sheer elegance. To achieve the look, have spikes all over while keeping the length uniform. The look shines because of the shiny and firm nature of the spikes created. Besides, you need to be choosy with your hair products as well in order to have a perfect style.

4.           Tapered Sides And Long Crew Cut

Tapered Sides And Long Crew Cut

Source: bhb.bardot

That’s another classy look of Ivy League haircut. The hairstyle boasts of slightly longer locks at the top that is styled with a messy look and tapered sides. You don’t really need to comb it over. Rather, just roll your fingers through and apply some light hold styling product to achieve a perfect look. Just as the name suggests, it’s just a longer version of the crew cut styled on top.

5.           Curly Ivy League

Curly Ivy League Men Hairstyle

Source: vphair

Curly hair themselves present a great style and you can make them look even better with beautiful messy ivy league haircut style. All you need is some gel and you’ll be able to style it to perfection with your fingers. The look features medium length curls and then gel is used generously before styling. Just make sure you don’t overdo with the curls and let them keep looking natural for a more than perfect look.

6.           High Fade With Short Ivy League And Beard

High Fade With Short Ivy League Men Hairstyle

Source: kollgeorge

Combination of a few styling factors, this look is stunningly awesome. The dominating part is Ivy League hairstyle on the top that is styled with a bit of gel and then complemented with a high fade on the sides. The look is completed with a short beard that adds more charm to the personality.

7.           Gelled Harvard Clip with Beard

Gelled Harvard Clip Men Hairstyle with Beard

Source: juandcal17

Just as the name suggests, this hairstyle is all about gel and styling. Just get your hair trimmed to perfection and use a high quality gel product to style it the way it appears in the picture above. Just apply the gel and push your frontal strands a little bit to a side. You will definitely love the final look.

8.           Longer Sides With Messy Top

Longer Sides With Messy Top Long Men Hairstyle

Source: danieljstahl

This is another cool variation of the ivy league haircut. To be honest, this look is all about mess. The sides are not perfectly trimmed and there’s no neat look like undercut or a fade. There is just longer sides and messy hair on top styled with a cool styling product.

9.           Caesar And Ivy League Haircut

Caesar And Ivy League Haircut for Men

Source: iamdenisv

The best messy ivy league haircut and short hairstyles are all about creativity. And if you want to achieve a more than perfect look it depends on how creative you can get with your hairstyles. A great look can be achieved by combining Ivy league with Caesar just the way in the picture above. The uniform, short look is really splendid and that bit of messiness makes it look even better.

10.           Hard Part With High Skin Fade

Hard Part With High Skin Fade Men Hairstyle

Source: shutheallamerican

This is a beautiful slicked back look and can be complemented perfectly with a beautiful stubble. Hard part and fade make for a clean and neat look while the hair on top is swept back with some styling product to keep them in place.

11.           Perked Up Fringe

Perked Up Fringe Men Hairstyle with Beard

Source: barbers_muro_official

This classic hairstyle is a proof that messy ivy league haircut really is among-st the most elegant and stylish hairdos around. What sets this look apart is the perked up fringe which really adds its flavor to achieve something gorgeous. Though you can style the fringe in whatever way you like but try this one in the picture and you are up for a perfect hairstyle.

12.           Textured Crew Cut With Faded Sides And Beard

Textured Crew Cut With Faded Sides And Beard

Source: crewcutz

The crew cut turns out to be one cool variation of the Ivy League Haircut. The sides are kept faded while the hair on top are swept stylishly to a side. The textured look really takes it up a notch and the stubble complements it to perfection.

14.           The Rebel Style

The Rebel Style Haircut

Source: hashtag_shock2

If you have always loved that rebellious look and want to look different, this is the hairstyle you should go with. The style is similar to Harvard Clip but you need to be really creative to convert that formal look into something more rebellious. Here we have a longer top that’s maintained with sides. The long hair in the crown is made to form Caesar waves which can be swept to a side then to achieve the final look.

14.           Harvard Cut With Textured Side Part

Harvard Cut With Textured Side Part

Source: merakihair__

Just as mentioned above, you can convert a Harvard cut into as many styles as you may like. Here we have a more formal look that features neat side swept hair and complemented with a textured side part. There’s a stubble as well which you may or may not want to wear. But overall, it’s really a cool hairstyle to achieve.

15.           Ivy League Haircut With Bangs

 Ivy League Haircut With Bangs Men Hairstyle

Source: mens_hairstyles1

If you love to flaunt your natural bangs, this look is what you should definitely go with. Just take a look at the picture above and you’ll find out how natural they are. Besides, the way they’re trimmed really sets them apart. The texture and volume add to the overall look as well.

Here are some more beautiful pictures available:

16.           Short Combed Back With Fade

Short Combed Back With Fade Men Hairstyle

Source: Bettythebarber

This cool haircut is achieved by cutting the hair on top to medium length and then completing the look with faded sides.

17.           Formal Medium Length Hair With A Beard

Formal Medium Length Hair With A Beard

Source: Novotel_paris

This really is a timeless formal look that you’d love to achieve. The hair on top is kept medium length and swept to a side. There’s a beard to complete this formal look and get one of the best medium length hairstyles.

18.           Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Long Slicked Back Hairstyle

Source: Allthingsboyshair

This beautiful Ivy League haircut features long and slicked back hair with a stubble. The hair on sides is a bit short and there is a stubble to complement.

19.           Messy Top With High Fade

Messy Top With High Fade

Source: Sorellahairstudio

This beautiful hairstyle features messy hair on top and is a perfect look to go with for anyone who has curly locks. The beautiful high fade with a bushy beard is perfect for completing the look.

20.           Spiky Up With Long Sides

Spiky Up With Long Sides

Source: Sharpfade

This is a beautiful up do hairstyle with spikes. The length is kept a bit longer to have enough room for playing around with the locks. The long sides complete the hairstyle perfectly.

21.           Messy Spikes With Low Fade

Messy Spikes With Low Fade

Source: Leyre1315

This Ivy League haircut has its own unique vibe with a beautiful messy top and low fade. There is not much of styling needed for this and the look can be achieved simply by rolling your fingers through. Overall it looks amazing.

22.           Neat Haircut With Side Fade

Neat Haircut With Side Fade

Source: Hairvichae

This beautiful, neat and formal look can be achieved by keeping hair on top to medium length. The side part makes it look simple and elegant as well.

23.           Comb Over Haircut Short Sides

Comb Over Haircut Short Sides

Source: Moadsbarbershop

This simple comb over haircut doesn’t require any styling product and features medium-to-long hair on top styled backwards. The sides are kept short and blended into a beautiful beard.

24.          Slicked Back Comb Over Style

Slicked Back Comb Over Style

Source: Adamus_hair

If you are looking to achieve more of a formal look, try this beautiful slicked back haircut with comb over style. It’s perfectly suited to fine and thin hair. There is a bushy beard that completes the look to perfection.

25.           High Fade Haircut With Quiff

High Fade Haircut With Quiff

Source: Mr.fat.jack

This high fade hairdo is a perfect style to achieve for office going men. The beard combined with a fade really look cool with a quiff on top.

26.           Disconnected Undercut With Long Messy Top

Disconnected Undercut With Long Messy Top


This Ivy League haircut features a bit longer locks on top and is all about the messy look we have here. There’s a disconnected undercut and a stubble to complete this gorgeous look.

27.           Short Hair With Undercut

Short Hair With Undercut

Source: Lucija_lucka_

This one is again a slight variation of crew cut as you have short hair on top. The change is that it’s simply swept to a side and there’s an undercut with disconnected beard.

28.           Side Parted Combover 

Side Parted Combover 

Source: Sterlediefriseure

This is a simple yet elegant combover hairstyle with side parted hair. The look is simply gorgeous and is complemented by short sides.

29.           Spiky Updo For Gray Hair

Spiky Updo For Gray Hair

Source: Ives.wonderous

This is a beautiful hairstyle falling under Ivy League category. It’s more of a spiky up do for gray hair that is complemented with a beautiful beard.

30.           Side Swept Ivy League Haircut

Side Swept Ivy League Haircut

Source: Zudinaolya

Short, simple and cute, this Ivy League haircut is all about simplicity. Beautifully swept to a side and complemented with an undercut, this hairdo creates great vibes.

31.           Medium Length Hair With A Quiff

Medium Length Hair With A Quiff

Source: Erkeksacmodasi

Quiff hairstyles are one of best men’s hairstyles and this is really an amazing touch given to a quiff. Keep it swept back at the front or give a spiky touch while directing your locks to a side, both options work great and make for a cool hairstyle.

32.           Combover Hairstyle With Faded Sides

Combover Hairstyle With Faded Sides

Source: Thailehairdesigner

Ivy League haircut is all about class and elegance. This beautiful haircut in the picture above gives you just that. Keep your hair combed over and complete the look with beautiful faded sides.

33.           Side Swept With A Disconnected Beard

Side Swept With A Disconnected Beard

Source: Thegarage39

Another simple and modern day hairstyle. This one features a low fade and the beard blends into the sideburns. The hair on top is combed over to achieve a perfectly clean look.

34.           Short And Simple

Short And Simple men Hairstyle with Combover

Source: No1barbers

If you don’t want to spend too much time on styling your hair every morning then this is a perfect Ivy League Haircut for you. Faded sides beautifully complement the short quiff on top. Styling is done by sweeping hair on top to a side.

35.           Side Swept With A Hard Part

Side Swept With A Hard Part

Source: Theingloriousbarbers

This beautiful hairdo is complemented with a hard part and an undercut. The major highlight is, however, the side swept locks on the top.

36.           Conventional Pompadour

Conventional Pompadour

Source: Tonyverhagen

This is a conventional pompadour with not much of fancy styling other than that. Hair on sides and front are combed back in certain pattern to achieve this look.

37.           Faded Undercut With Combed Back Hair

Faded Undercut With Combed Back Hair

Source: Tonys_barbers

This faded undercut doesn’t really require you to use any styling product or anything else like that. Just roll your fingers through or used a comb to get into style.

38.           Medium Length Side Swept Hair With Faded Sides

Medium Length Side Swept Hair With Faded Sides

Source: Spsalonandspa

Faded sides are always a popular style to complement an Ivy League hairstyle and that’s exactly what we have here. Besides, the hair is swept to a side to achieve this cool look and that goatee looks just amazing as well.

39.           Side Swept With A Side Part

Side Swept With A Side Part

Source: Tastytait

If you love to go with an old-school look then this side swept hairstyle with a clear side part is simply amazing. You can’t ask for anything better.

40.           Spiky Fringe With Side Part And Undercut

Spiky Fringe With Side Part And Undercut

Source: Brinie

Spiky hairdo’s are great for professional men and this one here is a cool example as well. Spiky on top and a beautiful side part combined with disconnected undercut, give this hairstyle a wonderful vibe.

41.           Short And Spiky Hair With A Hard Part

Short And Spiky Hair With A Hard Part

Source: Peluquearte.ca

This hairstyle is different from many of the above options in the fact that it goes for curly hair. The hair on top is kept quite short and styled to a side. Besides, there’s a hard parted undercut that blends into a short beard to create a perfect image.

42.           Long Side Swept Hair

Long Side Swept Hair

Source: Tocadosguerreiros

Long hair swept to a side and combined with an undercut make for a beautiful and formal hairstyle for men. There’s a stubble to complete the overall look.

43.           Long Combed Back Hairstyle

Long Combed Back Hairstyle

Source: Adamshairstuff

This Ivy League haircut features long hair combed back in style. There’s a slight fade at the back but mostly it’s same length hair.

44.           Medium Length Combed Back Hair With Beard

Medium Length Combed Back Hair With Beard

Source: 4hairpleasure

This is a perfect hairstyle for you no matter what occasion you want to wear it on. The hair is cut to medium length and swept backwards to create an elegant look.

45.           Medium Length Slicked Back Hairstyle

Medium Length Slicked Back Hairstyle

Source: Pikassobarbershop

This is a simple yet elegant hairstyle for men that can be achieved with a styling product. The hair is swept backwards and a bit of gel or mousse is applied to complete this look.

46.           Short Hairstyle With Faded Sides

Short Hairstyle With Faded Sides

Source: Kleon_11

This old school look can be achieved by cutting the hair on top to short length and combining them with faded sides. It’s a perfectly formal hairstyle for men.

47.           Side Swept With High Fade

Side Swept With High Fade

Source: Bh_barbershop

This look is simple and there’s nothing so hard that can’t be achieved in it. You have to cut the hair short and sweep them to a side stylishly with a comb. Combine it with a beautiful high fade and you have a perfect Ivy League Haircut ready for you.

48.           Short Spikes With Undercut

Short Spikes With Undercut

Source: Lonestarbarbershop

If you want to keep your hair short and still have a wonderful style then try this hairdo with short spikes. The overall look is just amazing and is complemented beautifully with an undercut.

49.           Short Side Swept Hair

Short Side Swept Men Hairstyle

Source: Stan_thebarber

This Ivy League Haircut is better suited to old men and keeps them looking elegant and stylish at the same time. The hair is kept short all over and the frontal locks are swept to a side to achieve the final look.

50.          Simple Combed Back Hair

Simple Combed Back Hair


This hairstyle features simple hair that is combed back in style. Sides are a bit short while the hair on top is kept longer and swept backwards to achieve a perfect vibe.

51.           Short Side Swept Hairstyle With Fade

Short Side Swept Hairstyle With Fade

Source: Marmoladecuts

Ivy League Haircut is all about classic looks and that’s what you have here. The hair is kept short all over with a fade on the sides. The look is achieved by sweeping the top hair to a side.

52.           Classic Undercut With Short Side Swept Locks

Classic Undercut With Short Side Swept Locks


As the name suggests this one is  a classic undercut with a disconnected beard. The hair on top is kept short and swept to a side with some styling product used for keeping them in place.

53.           Long Side Swept Fringes With Fade

Long Side Swept Fringes With Fade

Source: Stan_thebarber

This hairstyle for golden hair features beautiful long fringes swept to a side and is complemented with a fade. The overall look is simple and classic.

54.           Caesar Cut With An Undercut

Caesar Cut With An Undercut\

Source: Adrian_barber_stylist

This beautiful Caesar cut features short locks on the top that are raised a bit with some combing and then there’s an undercut that completes the look beautifully. A stubble is also there as a complement.

55.           Long Side Swept Hair With Taper Fade

Long Side Swept Hair With Taper Fade

Source: Hair_surgent

This hairstyle features long hair on top and a taper fade to give it an elegant vibe. Overall, it really looks cool.

56.           Modern Short Haircut for Men

Modern Short Haircut for Men

Source: Paolabarbershop

This modern look is pretty simple to achieve. The hair on top is kept short and the frontal strands are swept beautifully to the right. Sides and back is kept short but there is no fade as in many of the styles described above.

57.           Modern Quiff With Short Sides

Modern Quiff With Short Sides Men Hairstyle

Source: Carne__estrada

This is a cool hairstyle for men with a side swept Quiff at the front and shorter sides. Overall, it creates a perfect vibe.

58.           Medium Length Hair With Beard

Medium Length Hair With Beard

Source: Farzadthehappybarber

This Ivy League haircut gives you a classic look that is special with Ivy League hairstyles. It’s a perfect hairstyle for fine hair and allows you to keep your hair looking beautiful and elegant at the same time. Combine it with a beard and you have a perfectly modern look.

59.           Medium Length Side Swept Hair

Medium Length Side Swept Hair

Source: Pikassobarbershop

This beautiful haircut is elegantly formal and features medium length locks swept to a side. The beard looks beautiful with the overall appearance.

60.           Swept Back Flat Top Haircut With Fade

Swept Back Flat Top Haircut With Fade

Source: Jerrys_oldtyme_barbershop

Perfect for anyone with receding hairline, this haircut features cool swept back with a flat top haircut. The look is achieved with some styling product and feels amazing overall.

61.           Side Swept Slicked Hairstyle

Side Swept Slicked Hairstyle

Source: Jerrys_oldtyme_barbershop

Side swept slicked hair with a formal side part and a beautiful undercut, you can’t ask anything better than this from an Ivy League haircut. It’s elegance personified.

62. Swept Back Hair With A Beard

Swept Back Hair With A Beard

Source: Marlonsouzabarber

This look is perfectly amazing for just about any man. The hair is kept to medium length and is swept stylishly towards the back. There’s a slight fade towards the sideburns that perfectly blends with the beard.

63.           Swept Back With Undercut

Swept Back With Undercut

Source: Theshopon4th

This look is not so common in men but still it feels amazing. Longer locks at the front are swept backwards and there’s an undercut to complete it towards the back.

64.           Long Slicked Back Hair With Fade

Long Slicked Back Hair With Fade


Longer locks slicked to the back and combined with a fade create a timeless look just as you see in the picture above.

65.           Side Swept With Short Sides

Side Swept With Short Sides

Source: Smonstreets_hair_barber

This beautiful hairstyle features side swept locks with short sides. Overall, the length is not so long and it works out well with a stubble.

There can be many variations of Ivy League haircut that can work perfectly for various occasions and we have described most of them hair. Tell us how do you like these  messy ivy league haircut and share with us any other ideas that you might have tried as well.