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51 versatile fade haircut styles in 2020

There are plenty of hairstyle options available to men and they often have to face a hard time deciding which one would work the best for them. However, a fade haircut offers quite a versatile option as it can be styled with so many unique and different hairdos.

The style usually requires you to keep the sides faded – it can be anything from a high fade to low and taper fade – while all the styling is done on the top.

You have the option of stylizing the fade hairstyle with a nice surgical design as well while keeping the top hair the way you like. So, if you are getting interested in styling your hair with a popular fade haircut, here we have listed some of the most attractive fade hairstyles that might grab your attention. Try a few of them and you will have something for every event and every day that you have to spend in your life. Let’s take a look.

1. Fade Haircut With Tousled Fringe

Source: Fadehaircuts

This is a cool and casual look that a fade haircut can get. The sides are kept faded and it’s a high fade that starts very high on the sides. The top hair is styled forward nicely giving it a perfectly tousled look. And, believe it or not, you can’t ask for a better fringe.

2. Side Swept With Mid Fade

Source: Fadehaircuts

If you are after a more neat and clean look then this is probably the best choice you have got to style with a fade. It requires some styling product to achieve the neat and clean look on the top but, once you apply that, there’s nothing hard to achieve a perfect style. The sides are trimmed to perfection for achieving a perfectly faded look.

3. Faux Hawk With Fade

Source: Fadehaircuts

This is another beautiful fade haircut that features a nice faux hawk look on the top. You would agree that spiky hairstyles always look awesome and when you combine a nice casual look with a perfectly clean hairstyle on the sides, you can’t ask for anything better. The taper fade and the beautiful stubble make this hairstyle look all the more attractive.

4. Side Swept Wavy Quiff

Source: Fadehaircuts

Ever thought of combining a quiff with a fade? Probably not! So, try this beautiful hairstyle that is actually a beautiful variation of a quiff hairstyle. This fade haircut features a very high fade with an angled part, which isn’t made too prominent, while the top hair gets a nice and thick wavy look with the help of a strong hold styling product. The front is styled with a typical quiff and makes the hairstyle look perfect.

5. Forward Swept Spikes

Source: Taylorsco_

This beautiful variation of the fade hairstyle features nice forward swept hair on the top. It’s all kept to medium length on top and swept nicely forward while achieving a spiky look at the front. The sides are styled with a high fade and a bit of definition is given to the look by keeping it all clean.

6. Disconnected Combed Back Hairstyle

Source: Usagi_studios

This nice and beautiful combed back look is what you can ask for on any perfect day. It requires the hair to be styled with a bit of gel by combing it all backwards on the top. The top hair is kept to medium length and you can use a bit of dye as well if you want to. The sides are kept completely disconnected from the top and given a faded touch to achieve a perfect style overall.

7. Spiky Top With Side Fade And Surgical Design

Source: Companyofbarbers

This perfect look is your go to style for any casual day out. The hairstyle is achieved with a high taper fade and a cool surgical line that curves going towards the back. The top hair is given a nice spiky touch and is styled with a good styling product. Make sure to use a strong-hold product so that the look can be kept intact for hours.

8. Side Swept Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Source: Lydia_ushoroff

The side swept look is really the gentleman look that everyone wants to achieve be it a school boy or a businessman by profession. This beautiful hairstyle features casually side swept look on top and a mid fade complements that to perfection. Overall, it makes a perfect combination and you can’t have anything better.

9. Side Swept With Slanted Top

Source: Vinnibarbeiro

This is another neat and clean look that you might want to flaunt. The hairstyle features some volume on top with the hair swept nicely to a side and giving a flat top look. The wavy texture is given by combing through the hair after applying a styling product and then, obviously, that slanted look on top is just amazing. Styled with a high fade and a surgical curve, this hairstyle would work wonders to give you a fresh and unique look.

10. Natural Curls With High Fade

Source: Gym_jones845

A perfect fade haircut for curly hair types, this one doesn’t have much of detailing to it and can be achieved quite easily. Just ask your stylist to leave enough volume on top and go with a nice high fade on the sides. When you have some volume on top, the natural curls will look amazing by leaving them just the way they are. The little mess you have on top will actually define this entire look and that’s exactly what this one is all about.

11. Fade Variations With Messy Curls On Top

Source: Sketch_the_barber

Fade hairstyles can be achieved in quite a few different ways and each of these has its own persona and charm. Some examples are given here with high fade, disconnected mid fade and mid fade with shaved bottom. If you are looking for a hairstyle option for curly hair, you can go with any of these while keeping some volume on top and letting the top curls flaunt naturally.

12. Messy Fringe With Combover And Fade

Source: Barber_hirs_styles

This beautiful look combines a high fade haircut with a couple of different styles on the top. If you are after a neat look then you can opt for the combover style and keep it disconnected from the sides. However, if you’re looking for something casual for a party night then a messy fringe would do perfectly. Both the styles can be worn with a nice stubble to achieve a perfect look.

13. Buzz Cut With Fade

Source: Fiotenanavalha_

This is another cool fade haircut that is actually minimal in its design and still very popular. One of the best low maintenance fade hairstyles, this beautiful look is quite adorable. The hair on top is trimmed very short while the sides are kept faded, going completely shaved towards the bottom. It’s just great overall.

14. Side Swept With Mid Fade

Source: Mjbarberstudio

This is another cool and simple hairstyle that looks adorable on men of all ages. The hairstyle is pretty simple and goes perfectly for an everyday and formal look. It only requires you to sweep the hair to a side nicely and style the sides with a nice mid fade. Overall, it’s a cool and clean look that doesn’t require much of maintenance either.

15. Combover Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Source: Bybarberdevo

Another cool mid fade haircut that looks gorgeous on men, this beautiful hairstyle is all about length on top that is swept nicely backwards in a combover style. The sides are disconnected and have a beautiful mid fade while there is a nicely trimmed beard that completes the look to perfection.

16. Side Swept Hairstyle With Low Fade

Source: Kuaformenderesbayir

If you are looking for a chic and cool hairstyle that is quite formal as well then this is a perfect choice for you. The fade haircut features beautiful long hair on top and it’s swept nicely to a side. The sides are given a low fade and combined with a disconnected look from the top to create a perfect style to flaunt. Wear it with a stubble and it looks even better.

17. Spikes With High Fade

Source:  Kuaformenderesbayir

This is a typical spikes hairstyle that works wonders for boys and mens alike. The hairstyle isn’t too hard to achieve as it only requires you to keep a bit of length on top and style the hair in a rough spiky look. The sides are kept faded but you should remember to keep it a high fade to make sure it all synchronizes well at the end of the day.

18. Forward Swept Hairstyle With High Fade


This one is a bit different now. The hairstyle gives you another very simple look to flaunt. Just keep it short-to-medium length on top and sweep everything forward to achieve this fringy look. Combine it with a nice high fade on the sides and shave it all up going down the bottom. You will have a perfectly clean look at the end of the day.

19. Textured Top With High Fade 

Source: Nickpanev

Another look that you would love to flaunt if you want to keep it all simple, the hairstyle features a short length on the top and gets a textured look that you can flaunt anytime anywhere. Combine it with a nice high fade and you have a perfect combo for any day.

20. Long Side Swept Hair With High Fade

Source: Barbearia_dobarao

This one is a perfect look for you if you want to sport long hair on top and that too with a nice fade haircut, don’t just look further. This versatile hairstyle gives you quite a few options to change the look with the same haircut. With long hair on top, you can sweep it back or to a side and achieve a perfect look with a hard part. And if you want to add a bit more drama to the hairstyle then you can style it with a nice fringe. The sides, obviously, have a high fade that goes perfectly with the look.

21. Combover Hairstyle With High Fade


One of the best options you have to style with a high fade is a nice combover look. You have to keep it long enough on the top so that it can all run to the crown on the back. Maintain a nice textured look to make the hairstyle look perfect with the disconnected fade. Overall, it looks gorgeous.

22. Casual Faux Hawk With Mid Fade

Source: Kuaformenderesbayir

Fade hairstyles can always be styled in unique and casual look and this one is a perfect example of that. The hairstyle features medium length hair on top and it is made into a nice spiky look just as a typical faux hawk hairstyle. The sides have a nice mid fade that is complemented perfectly with a stubble beard.

23. Short Pompadour With Hard Part

Source: Footboy76

Pompadours are always exclusive and this one is no different either. Basically, it’s a short pompadour that looks cool with a nice pomp at the front styled nicely backwards creating a slicked back image. There is a hard part and a high fade to complete the look. Wait, just don’t forget to add that handlebar mustache to the mix.

24. Short Textured Top With High Fade


This beautiful look features a short and textured look on top that might need some styling product to achieve the hairstyle. It’s all swept nicely to a side and given somewhat of a spiky touch at the front as well. The high fade makes it look even better and actually lifts the entire hairstyle. Wear it with a nice beard and you have a perfect hairstyle for any occasion.

25. Tousled Curls On Top With High Fade

Source: Divacalgary

Curly hair looks cool when they are styled naturally. So, why not let the natural curls flaunt in a tousled hairstyle with this beautiful look? You have to keep some volume on top and style it nicely by just running your fingers through the top hair. The sides are kept faded and disconnected to achieve a perfect style overall.

26. Buzz Cut With High Fade

Source: Barbearianovofio

This is another cool hairstyle that you can achieve with a high fade haircut. Even the top is kept too short as well get all that buzz to the look and then it’s blended nicely into the faded sides. It’s a typical low maintenance hairstyle that has been worn by many celebrities as well.

27. Side Swept With Hard Part

Source: Fringebyredlemon

A neat and clean look, this is a beautiful hairstyle that works for those looking to keep it a bit long and still want to make sure the hairstyle gets a clean touch. The frontal locks are given a bit more length than what we have at the back to make it look puffier. The hard part defines the look and that mid fade blends into the style without any fuss whatsoever.

28. Combed Back With High Fade

Source: Bss_hairwhisperer

Faded sides or shaved sides always create a clean and cool vibe and that’s what you can expect to get with this beautiful hairstyle as well. The hairdo features long combed back hair on top that is actually disconnected from the sides. A textured look at the back makes it even better. Overall, it’s a cool hairstyle to achieve.

29. Wavy Fringe With Undercut

Source: Chelsea_gilliam

If you don’t want to keep styling your hair all the time, this is a carefree look that is just tailormade for you. To achieve the look, keep some length on top and style it with a nice wavy fringe and a mid fade haircut that goes perfectly with the overall style. The messy and wavy look on the top can be achieved simply by running the fingers through.

30. Combed Back Hairstyle With Fade

Source: Nw.d.y.n.a.s.t.y.cutz

This is a typical combed back hairstyle that boasts of a beautiful little fringe falling over at the front. The hairstyle boasts of a shiny and neat look overall and is complemented to perfection by that high fade on the sides. Wear it with a nice beard and you have a perfect look to flaunt.

31. Side Swept Crew Cut


You would argue that how a crew cut can get a side swept look. Well, it’s simply with this cool variation of the hairstyle. The hairstyle features top hair cut as short as what we usually have in a crew cut and it’s left an inch or so longer at the front to achieve that cool side swept look. It’s disconnected on the sides and styled with a high and clean fade to make it look gorgeous. Add to the look that beautiful beard and you can’t ask for anything better.

32. Wavy Pompadour With Hard Part And Fade

Source: Prins.frisersalong

Pompadour is always a nice style to achieve whether you are a boy or a grown up men as it gives you a very formal and finished up look overall. This beautiful, nice and wavy pompadour does exactly that as well and looks even better when styled with a nice fade and a hard part. And that little tail at the back makes it look even better.

33. Side Swept With Hard Part

Source: Mr.karkoki

This is another cool variation of the beautiful fade haircut that is styled nicely with a side swept look. The hair on the top is given a bit of length so that it looks cool when swept to a side and, obviously, it’s pretty clean and organized look oevrall. Combined with a hard part, this beautiful hairstyle just looks awesome. Just remember to go with a mid fade and a small beard to make the look even better.

34. Disconnected Combed Back Hairstyle


Combed back hairstyle is always a nice look to flaunt but you really have to vary things up to avoid the monotony. The hairstyle here features a disconnected top with enough length to comb it all the way down to the back. The sides have a beautiful high fade, obviously it’s disconnected from the top, and it gets almost completely shaved going down the bottom. The hairstyle looks gorgeous overall.

35. Messy Wavy Top


The hairstyle we have at hand here looks completely different from other typical fade haircut variations described above. It’s something that combines a neat look with a messy one to create a bit of hybrid style. The top hair is kept naturally wavy and is not combed at all to give it any kind of finishing whatsoever. The messy top just blends into a nice messy fringe at the front while we have a high fade on the sides to achieve a perfect style.

36. Slanted Flat Top With High Fade

Source: Barbershop_tomazoni

If you are looking for a hairstyle that is very neat and clean but still has some drama to it, this is the look you should be after. The hairstyle features length on top that is combed up to achieve a type of Quiff effect. Overall, it’s a flat top hairstyle that has a bit of slant going backwards. The hair is styled with a nice high fade haircut to give it a perfectly cool and neat look.

37. Curly Top With Fringe And Mid Fade

Source: Barbeariahomemelegante

If there is one hairstyle that you would not like to miss out on for styling your curly hair then it’s this one. The hair on top is kept medium length with natural curls allowed to keep their original shape. There is no styling done with the curls and they aren’t even attempted to be straightened either. The fringe is allowed to come forward as naturally as possible while the sides have a nice mid fade. Wear it with a short beard style on the chin and it will look as cool as ever.

38. Forward Swept Messy Fringe

Source: Slickbackscum

This cool hairstyle is all about that beautiful messy fringe swept forward at the forehead. A bit of style is added to the look with the help of a nice high fade that complements it rather nicely. Just make sure that you keep enough volume on the top and style this wonderful hairdo to perfection with a stubble and mustache.

39. Spiky Hairstyle With Mid Fade

Source: Mudstudiosyeg

One of the most important decisions that you have to make about a fade haircut is that where exactly your fade should start. Yes, you can start it up high, keep it in the middle or take it as low as you might like. The beautiful hairstyle we have here features a nice mid fade and a cool look is achieved with that spiky and voluminous touch given to the top hair. It really looks gorgeous overall.

40. Side Swept Hairstyle

Source: Kuaformenderesbayir

This really is a nice side swept look that can be achieved with a beautiful mid fade on the sides. The hair on top is all kept nice and tight lying flat on the top. It really is a clean look that has some classic vibe to it. So, if that’s what you’re after then this is a cool hairstyle you should go for.

41. Side Swept With Taper Fade

Source: Edandguysbarbershop

This cool hairstyle is different in the fact that it features a taper fade rather than the typical high, mid or low fade haircut. The top is rather simple as you have that nice and cool side swept look that is the go-to choice for fine medium length hair. It’s a perfect style to achieve for school going boys and also for those who want something splendid yet simple.

42. Short Combed Back Hairstyle With Fade

Source: Cjkoller_

If it’s all about short hair that you want to keep on top to make yourself look perfect, this is the look you should achieve today. The hairstyle features very short hair on top, just a bit more in length than what we have with buzz cut, and it’s all combed back nicely to achieve a perfect look. The top hair is given a textured look while the sides get a high fade. Style it with a nice stubble on the face and you have a perfectly clean hairstyle to flaunt just about anywhere.

43. Side Swept Hairstyle With A Hard Part

Source: Vasquezstyles

This beautiful look features medium length side swept hair on top that is given the much needed definition with the help of a cool hard part. The sides have a high fade and it looks more of a shaven look on the sides. A stubble beard is there to add to the overall hairstyle and makes the hairdo look as cool as ever.

44. Side Swept Wavy Hairstyle 

Source: Bh_barbershop

This is yet another cool look that can be achieved with medium length hair on top and a fade on the sides. It is perfectly awesome and requires you to keep enough length on top that can be swept to a side with its texture and waves intact. The disconnected look on the sides feels awesome with a high fade that blends nicely into the stubble beard.

45. Forward Swept Textured Hairstyle

Source: Cheadlegentsbarbers

There may not even be a single instance when a textured look would have ruined it. Yes, it looks rather gorgeous. The same is the case here with this beautiful hairstyle for short and straight hair. The hair on top is kept just a few inches in length and then finger combed forward to achieve this impeccable textured look. Remember to sweep it all forward with your fingers and go with a mid fade on the sides. A stubble on the face would complement the look nicely as well.

46. Side Swept Hairstyle With Hard Part

Source: Barbearia_pessi

Now this really is a nice and unique variation of the fade haircut that features a small shaved portion on the sides just between where the fade starts and where it ends. The length of the bottom section is kept a bit longer, in fact. Coming to the top, we have simple medium length and side swept locks defined from the fade with the help of a nice hard part. Overall, the look is quite unique and gorgeous.

47. Medium Length On Top With High Fade

Source: Originalbarberparis

This is a rather simple fade haircut to achieve as its only specialty is some volume on top. It is a perfectly suited hairstyle for straight and fine hair type. Just grow the hair enough length on top and let it flow naturally on all the sides. The fade blends into the top hair and is kept high to achieve a perfect style overall.

48. Curly Top With High Fade


This really is a cool hairstyle that looks awesome on men with curly hair. Some highlights are added to the curls on top while letting them be. The volume on top is enough to make the curls visible and keep the curly look intact. The sides have a high fade and we have a couple of parallel surgical lines almost on the back of the head. All the elements of style blend nicely to give a perfect vibe overall.

49. Spiky Top With Fade And Hard Part

Source: Kaique_kowty

Spiky hairstyles are a popular choice for men who want to style a fade haircut. However, this one is a bit different as it has both a side swept look and a spiky look to it. There’s a hard part and a high fade that defines this beautiful look. The hair on top is given a side sweep but styled upwards with spikes made by combining several bunches of hair. The look is complemented with a nice stubble.

50. Curly Top With High Fade

Source: Aldozstylez

Ever heard of giving a neat look to a curly hairstyle? Well, this beautiful hairstyle does just that. The curly hair on the top is grown enough length that they can make their presence felt. The sides are then trimmed to have a high fade. The top doesn’t require to be combed as you just have to allow the natural curls to show their character. And it will when you will leave it all freely spreading in all directions.

51. Spiky Side Swept Fringe With Temple Fade

Source: Meysam.maani

Styling your hair with a long fringe can sometimes get challenging as you don’t seem to have enough ways to achieve a perfect style that suits you. However, this one here does the job to perfection. The frontal hair is all swept nicely to a side and then given a spiky touch to make the fringe look perfect as it falls over to a side. There is a temple fade haircut on the sides while the top hair towards the back is given the same side swept look as those on the front. You can wear the style with a nice beard to complete a more than perfect look.

So, these are the perfect styling options when it comes to a fade haircut. You have all the unique and cool hairstyles available that can be styled with a nice fade. Now it’s up to you to make a pick from all the stylish and elegant options available. Just make sure that you go with the right fade haircut as far as the type of fade is concerned because combining a high fade with a hairstyle where mid fade or a temple fade would have looked better can simply ruin the look and the overall charm of the hairstyle. Therefore, make the right choice and see how it works for you.

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