As you grow adult, you become ever more conscious about your looks. You want to make sure that your style is reflected in every aspect of your personality and all eyes turn to you wherever you make an appearance. Mens hairstyles make a really important part of your personality and many times they make or break your impression. A beautiful hairstyle might make you look gorgeous while an ordinary one might ruin your looks completely. So, it is really important that you know exactly what hairstyles for men suit you and what occasions you should be wearing a particular hairstyle to. Obviously, you have to visit a barber for getting your ultimate haircut but you really need to understand how exactly you can get them to give you the style you’re after. Any professional hairstylist would do the job for you here and give you the best mens haircuts sculpting your hair in a professional manner. To start off, you need to understand how you should be asking your barber for a hairstyle you want and also determine what hairstyle would suit you better. So, here is our complete guide for you. Let’s have a look.

Asking For A Perfect Haircut

When you visit a barber, you have quite few questions popping up in your mind. Particularly, you are thinking about what haircut you should be getting and how you can ask your barber for it properly. It is important that have every single aspect in your mind for creating a beautiful and perfectly carved out look. To get the best haircuts for men, you should also know the appropriate terminology which your barber would understand without any troubles whatsoever. Here’s a look at common terms that you should know for getting your desired haircut.

Common Hairdressing Terms

You should understand the different between different common terminologies so that you can convey to the barber exactly what type of hairstyle you are interested in. Check out these common terminologies listed below.
  1. Fade vs Taper: Both these hairstyle aspects do not have much difference among them. When it comes to a fade haircut, you are actually shortening the hair until it gets short enough right to our skin. On the other hand, taper is a bit longer and does not necessarily need you to cut it equally short as a typical fade hairstyle.
  2. Undercut Fade: This is another cool variation of the fade which requires you to have long hair on top usually. However, the sides and the back are trimmed extremely short. And, when you have a disconnected undercut, the hair on top is not blended into those on the side and, instead, there is a stark difference in hair lengths on top and the sides.
  3. Haircut Grades: The grades refer to different hair lengths which you’d prefer your locks to be trimmed to. For example, the lengths of number 3 cut tend to be shorter compared to the number 4 cut.
  4. Neckline: Now, this is something important too. Ensure that your barber takes a mirror and shows exactly how high your neckline is cut. You should also know if the neckline is cut flat or in V-shape. In fact, you should guide the barber exactly what you are looking for.
  5. Layers/Texture: The texture refers to the look of your hair based on its thickness, how curly it is and the way it is cut. The layered texture usually involves trimming certain areas shorter allowing longer locks to sit nicely on top of them.
  6. Thinning: Thinning turns out to be quite useful if you have thick hair. Typically, it is done using thinning scissors and it removes weight from the hair making it way more manageable.

How To Pick The Best Hairstylist For Mens Hairstyles

Well, before you even think of how you should be talking to the barber and what hairstyle you’d get, it is important that you come up with the best hairstylist out there. You have to consider quite a few factors here so that you can find the real best. Firstly, you should ensure that you find barbers with great reputation. Check out their reviews online or ask people you know about any recommendations they would make. Remember here that you need to find someone who fits into your budget. Some, hairstylists are too expensive and you may not be able to afford them. But also keep in mind that, as far as haircuts are concerned, you’ll get exactly what you’re paying for. But still, your haircuts don’t require you to spend some ridiculous amount of money. You can easily find affordable hairstylists and still get a haircut that you have always loved.

Your Face Shape And Mens Haircuts

Once you know that how you should be conveying your hairstyle ideas to the barber, you should also have a clear understanding of your face shape and what hairstyle would suit best on the type of face you have. You may also rely on the barbers for this as well. It’s included in their training and they have enough experience delivering perfect haircuts to people of all face shapes as well. When you tell them a certain haircut that you want, they’d start analyzing exactly how they can make that haircut work for you depending on your hair type and face shape. So, there is no need to worry at all even if you don’t know exactly what type of face you have. Rather, dedicate your energies to finding some of the best hairstylists around and you’ll be guaranteed of a perfect hairstyle. Secondly, being attractive doesn’t really have to do too much with the type of face you have. You can find many celebrities with all sorts of different faces, from long to round and from square to triangle. The key is actually to come up with the best mens hairstyle that works for you. Finally, just do not worry too much about your looks or face shape. Rather, focus more on things which can be changed like your attire and the way you groom yourself up. Trendy clothes and a perfect haircut would make you look more noticeable and attractive. However, if you’re still interested in finding out about the face shape you have, here is how you can determine your face shape.

How To Find Your Face Shape?

Often times, your face shape is pretty obvious but that’s not the case always. So, you should better use the guidelines given below for determining what face shape you have. You can also try to trace the face outline in the mirror using bar soap to find out the truth about the shape of your face. The major idea here is to focus more on your face’s proportions instead of its actual features. If everything else fails, you should simply ask the barber or your hairstylist about your face shape the next time you visit them. Here we have listed some common face shapes for you and described what they are all about.
  1. Oval

It’s a proportionate shape with ration of almost 3 lengths to 2 widths. This face shape is defined by no dominant angles and corners at forehead, chin, and cheeks. You can go for just about any hairstyle for men if you have this type of face and can experiment with all those amazing and fun looks that you have always wanted to achieve. From classic short haircuts with beards to long hairstyles and military buzz cuts, you have all sorts of options to try out.
  1. Round

For guys with round face shapes, you’ll have almost equal width and length with no jaw corners and full cheeks being the dominant features. While excessive weight may have softened up your face, usually the round faces result from genetics. There are many beautiful hairstyles for round faces and you can make your picks with utmost freedom. A perfect hairstyle should give some angle and height to your face shape or both. Make sure that you avoid hairstyles which are known to add further width to your face. Short hair on the sides and the back and length on top is what you need to boast a perfect style. Some of the perfect hairstyle choices for round faces include undercuts, peaked faux hawks, and slicked up hairstyles. If you’re planning on wearing the hair down, you should better try to cut the bangs at a certain angle while opting for a simple side part.
  1. Square

That’s typically a masculine shape and is considered ideal for men. The face shape, primarily, boasts of an angular forehead with chiseled jaw and looks just awesome. You don’t need a specific hairstyle to work with this face shape because just about anything would do. It would be a good idea if you can choose a slicked back or short hairstyle for highlighting the features or just use bangs for softening the hairline. Another good option would be to go with a peaked spiky look which reflects your chin shape to perfection. You can also prefer to go with straight spikes if you have a square face shape.
  1. Triangle/Heart

A triangle or heart face shape makes the most common of faces men usually have. The chin is angular while the forehead is wider in this heart type faces. As far as the triangle face shape is concerned, here the features will be a bit more pronounced. The forehead is wider while the chin tends to be narrower and, sometimes, pointier. If you have this type of face, there’s just one thing that should be avoided and that is width above your ears. Other than that, everything will work just fine and the face shape can be highlighted further using spikes or slicking the hair. Alternatively, you can also wear your hair forward as it will soften your hairline.
  1. Long

Long faces are also among common shapes. They’re usually twice in length as compared to the width. So, the key here is to balance that extra height off with a little bit of width. You can always reduce that length by choosing men haircuts that wear your hair down right above the forehead. Generally, you should avoid adding any further height and it will look perfect.

Your Hair Type And Hairstyles For Men

It’s a matter of fact that great hair turn out to be more important than having a perfect hairstyle or haircut. Once you have had your hair styled, it is your duty to perfectly style your hair and take care of it. Here, the type of locks you have will play a significant part. Obviously, you have different needs for fine and thick hair or straight and curly locks. Just groom it as per your needs keeping in mind the type of hair you have, and you’ll definitely get the best out of your style and haircut. So, let’s get into the details of how you can make your hair look like as if you have just got a new hairstyle. There are several factors that work into the type of hair you have. And, the most obvious thing is if you have straight, curly, or wavy hair. The next thing is whether your hair is fine or thick. When you have thick hair to deal with, it means there is high hair volume on top and you might have a bigger circumference for each strand. On the other hand, circumference is smaller for fine hair and having thin hair means you have fewer strands per scalp area. However, it’s very much possible that you may have thin head of thick hair or thick head of fine locks. In case of combination hair, you need to take care depending on the feature that is more dominant. A quick tip which is going to work just fine for all the different types of hair is that you should not wash your locks on a daily basis. We know that it’s something you have taken from the shampoo companies but the professional stylists have other things to say. Have you ever noticed that the hair on the second day would look much better than it were a day before? The reason is that the scalp oils get a chance to have a moisturizing effect on your hair and it adds further texture to it. This will make it a whole lot easier to style your locks. So, it would be best for you if you can skip shampoo for a day or two and see if you’re able to grow it longer. For most people, it’s a simple change which is going to improve their hair appearance as well as health. For those with greasy hair, give it a try. Removing the natural conditioner of the scalp signals the body to produce more oil and you never want that. Less shampooing means less oil all over.

Taking Care of Thick Hair

When you say thick hair, it means you have lots of strands and/or individual hair that’s wider compared to other types of hair. Though it’s enviable to have thick hair, the coarser texture and volume can turn out to be more of a challenge. Here are some easy tips to consider for making the most of your thick locks.
  • Conditioning: Again, people often make a daily routine of shampooing but skip conditioning. Rather, you should condition your hair on a daily basis and shampoo it only when you need it to have softer and more manageable locks.
  • Go Longer or Very Short: Short haircuts for men can cause thick hair to just stick up. So, the best thing to do in that situation is to go shorter further or take the extreme opposite route by growing it out too long. There is more weight on longer locks which helps it in lying flat. Besides, there is enough space for working with the styling product of your choosing.
  • Product: Different styling products may be beneficial for all the types of hair. However, they probably do the best with thick hair. So, try to find some strong hold pomades or waxes for controlling your locks and carve it out into any shape and style that you like from spikes to slick.

Taking Care of Thin Hair

The circumference of fine strands is smaller as compared to other types of hair. Fine hair may be a bit thick, and there can be a head full of those fine strands. Often times, thin hair that has low density on every square inch is called fine hair. However, it’s about how thick your individual strands are rather than the hair quantity which makes the hair look fine. While there’s a lot of difference between fine and thin hair, the styling products have the same goal to achieve. Yes, they boost thickness and add volume. So, here are the products you can consider for achieving the best mens hairstyles with thin hair.
  • Thickening Products: Create a proper foundation on your hair by starting with some thickening shampoo and conditioner. Make sure that you don’t shampoo every day. Some of the products that have been designed for thin or fine hair tend to plum up the hair strands as they provide the hold you need.
  • Natural Oils: Just as described earlier, you must reduce your shampooing frequency because it eliminates oils from the scalp which are produced for keeping your hair and skin moisturized. One of the cheapest option you have for making your fine hair feel thicker is to utilize the sebum production the best by skipping on shampoo. Distribute the natural oils simply by massaging your scalp or combing through the hair.
  • Hair Dryer: Your best option for achieving greater volume would be to use blow dryer on your hair. It won’t take more than a few minutes. Just work some volumizing mousse into your damp hair to achieve maximum control and thickness.
  • Hairstyles: Remember not all the hair trends are for you if you have thin hair. Just make your pick from a few hairstyles which add volume and texture or even both.

Taking Care of Curly and Wavy Hair

Curly hair is any hair type which is not straight. There are so many different types of curls ranging from tight and kinky hair to looser wavy locks. However, there are still general rules which apply to keeping your curls and waves healthy as well as looking their best. Here we have a few ideas for you to consider in order to take care of your curly and wavy hair.
  • No-Poo: Moisture is probably the most common issue with all the curly hair types. The oils from your scalp don’t travel from the root to the tip of your curly hair and causes it to get dry. So, first thing you need to do is eliminate shampoo and pick some curl-friendly formula.
  • Conditioning: If you want your curls to stand out, they would need some extra moisture. So, besides using your curl-specific conditioner, you can also go for some deep conditioning treatment every month with a natural or commercial product.
  • Haircuts: There are fewer hairstyling options for curly hair as compared to the straight ones. A perfect haircut, however, can help you achieve the style you’ve been looking for. For some variety, you can mix the haircuts up.
  • Product: Your curly locks would look the best when you’ve applied some leave-in conditioner. A curl-enhancer cream would do too as it minimizes frizz and defines the curls. Try to apply the product to damp hair as wet locks will dilute the product as well as reduce effectiveness of the product whereas the product won’t be distributed evenly across dry hair making it look greasy, sticky, or clumpy.

Choose Mens Haircuts According To Desired Hair Length

Besides your hair type, the length of your hair is also going to play a major part in determining the best mens haircuts for you. So, here’s a quick rundown for you.

Short Hairstyles for Men

You have a couple of major reasons as to why you should go short with your hair. First is the ease of styling and care. Short hairstyles for men require less work and it certainly makes better sense for men with active and busy lifestyles. Another reason for choosing short hairstyles is that it makes things easier for you to handle your hard-to-manage hair. For ultra curly or coarse hair, men often prefer going short rather than spending time on styling the hair. That’s particularly true for the black men hairstyles. On top of the list in short haircuts for men is a typical short buzz cut and to follow it is somewhat longer crew cut style. However, there are lots of hairstyles that offer better definition and shape and you must take them into account when choosing your hairstyle. Some good styling options could be cool spiky peak or messy texture.

Medium Hairstyles for Men

You don’t have any lack of styling options if you prefer to keep medium length on top. As far as maintenance is concerned, longer hair may take a bit of time in drying it out and obviously it will need conditioning. There can be a variety of styling options available when it comes to medium Length hairstyles for men. It creates more sophisticated and balanced look which can get as stylish as you’d like.

Long Hairstyles for Men

When you wear long hairstyles for men, you are actually making an ultimate statement. Whether you want a hipster look or something more sophisticated, longer locks will always set the tone for you. With man bun hairstyle getting ever more popular and half ponytail making its vibes too, increasing numbers of people are choosing to grow their hair long.

Typical Types of Haircuts for Men

Depending on the length of hair you have chosen for yourself, there are many common hairstyles for men that you may want to sport on different occasions. Here we have divided the typical hairstyle options into two broad categories containing short hairstyles for men and long hairstyles for men.

Short Haircuts For Men

You have a lot of options in short haircuts for men and you never seem to go out of choices. Here we have some of the typical haircuts you would want to go with on any day.
  1. Buzz Cut

Among all the short hairstyles for men, a buzz cut may take the top spot in low maintenance haircuts. For this stylish and simple hairstyle, you just need to ask your barber to cut your hair evenly to a certain grade. For example, if you’ve chosen a buzz cut style that is extremely short, you should ask the barber to give you a haircut to number 1 grade.
  1. Crew Cut

It is one of the classic hairstyle choices for men. The look is pretty easy and simple to achieve, giving you a perfectly stylish appearance. For this hairstyle, you just need to ask the barber to trim your hair into a short fade on the sides and the back while keeping the top similar to a typical scissor haircut. Eventually, you will have a bit of length up top which you can style in whatever way you like whereas the sides will become shorter gradually.
  1. French Crop

Even though this haircut is quite unique, it may not be that tricky as you’d have thought it to be. Even though most of the barbers will pick exactly what you want when you ask for a French Crop, make sure that they cut the fringe short while keeping it well-defined. It will take on the elements of tapered haircut as well while the fade on the sides will be a bit tapered.
  1. Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky hair used to be quite popular during the 90s, but it has made a strong comeback lately. The hairstyle may need you to create a bit of mess on top just by applying a bit of wax and using your fingers and hands for creating the spikes. It’s as simple as that. In fact, it makes one of the best low maintenance hairstyles out there.
  1. Fade Haircut

Most of the hairstyles are styled with fade haircut and there can be a lot of different variations that you can try out not only on the longish hair on top but also with the fade itself. Here we have a few fade variations that you must consider.
  • Taper Fade Haircut: A lot of short haircuts for men are accompanied by a taper fade. This classic variation of the fade haircut is amongst the most effective options around to achieve the look. Just ask the hairstylist to use varying clipper lengths at the back and the sides to achieve a typical taper fade.
  • High Taper Fade: This is another amazing look that you can try out. The idea here is to start tapering a bit higher up as compared to the typical style. A high taper fade is the look you should go with if you’re interested in creating contrasting lengths on the sides.
  • Undercut Fade: It’s among the more dramatic styles out there. It keeps the hair relatively long on top so that the fade actually undercuts it. There isn’t a significant faded look on top in comparison to what’s there on the sides.
  • Skin Fade: It’s probably the shortest among all fade haircuts for men. The hairstyle looks amazing with some length on top and gives you a perfect definition as you’d have wanted. In fact, it would make a great choice if you’re looking to create a break on sides and have facial hair to flaunt.
  1. Curly Hairstyles for Men

Now, you must have always found your curly locks to be the hardest to style. In fact, everyone does. However, if you have naturally curly locks, you should better embrace it instead of trying and controlling the waves. The best option you have is to keep it comparatively short and avoid too much of maintenance. It will look nice and charming and won’t give you much trouble in styling either.
  1. Scissor Haircut

Scissor haircuts do not require any shavers to be used. You have the option to choose between a point haircut or a blunt cut. If you choose a blunt cut, the blades will have to be kept horizontal. And, if you choose point haircut then hold the scissors to a point to create that saw-tooth effect. The point cut is, however, a popular choice among the folks who prefer to keep it short and here shorter locks provide support to the longer ones and add texture while creating more of a disheveled look.

Long Haircuts for Men

There are plenty of options available to the advocates of long haircuts for men too. From a man bun to a classic pompadour, you can style your long and beautiful locks in whatever way you like. Here we have listed some of the best options for you to consider.
  1. Man Bun

This one is more like Marmite; you may love this one or simply hate it. Well, no matter what your opinion may be, this unique haircut gives immense power and you can’t really deny it. You just need to grow your locks out before tying it into a nice hair bun. That’s it! You have achieved a wonderful hairstyle.
  1. Center Parting

It’s a classic look from the 90s and it has really become popular in last few years or so. However, it has really completed a strong comeback and it is there to stay. The look can be achieved simply by separating the long locks down the center and creating a few curtains while applying a bit of product so that everything is held into place.
  1. Side Parted Hairstyle

Whether you want a center part or a side part, your long hair can be styled to look great in whatever way you like. The idea is to keep the hair on top longer and create something like a typical comb over taper haircut. The hairstyle would make a perfect choice no matter what occasion you want to wear it to. Use a comb to separate your locks and simply pull the entire bulk of hair to a side. Combine it with high taper fade on the sides and get definition to the parting.
  1. Slicked Back Hairstyle

Looking to achieve a more formal look while keeping your long hair intact? The slicked back hairstyle is a perfect choice for you. You can achieve a typical side parted look as given above before using some wet product and slicking your hair all the way back. Some pomade or other styling product would make it look tidy and neat for just about any occasion you want to wear it to.
  1. Pompadour

Another amazing choice among the mens Cool hairstyles, a pompadour reflects classic elegance and nothing else. It is probably among the most conventional hairstyles around. It requires you to grow your hair long on top before slicking it backwards in a typical, puffy pompadour style at the front. Create volume with the help of a hairdryer and apply some pomade or wax to achieve a perfect slicked back look. Get yourself a typical tapered fade towards the sides and enjoy the most modern and sophisticated look you could ever achieve. There are plenty of mens hairstyles out there that can help keep you looking the most stylish, trendy, and current. It is just the matter of which hairstyles for men you pull off and what occasion you would like to sport them on. More than that, it is also about choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape and the type of hair you have. Also make sure that you get to a professional stylist and convey to them properly as to what hairstyle you are interested in. So, start looking for your favorite mens haircuts now and get yourself a rocking look. Just keep in mind everything outlined in this mens hairstyles guide to make a perfect choice. Choosing the right mens hairstyles requires you to know about so many contributing factors. Perfect hairstyles for men depend on face shape, hair type, etc. Here’s your complete guide on mens haircuts.